'Little People, Big World' Star Matt Roloff Recovering From Difficult Surgery [Spoilers]

Matt Roloff posted on June 13 to his Facebook page a photo of himself in a hospital bed with a caption that read, "Today's my big day. Finally getting my neck fixed. Heading under the knife momentarily. Love love to all of you!"

Recently, during an episode of Little People, Big World, Matt Roloff mentioned that he needed to have some type of procedure done on his neck. The patriarch of the Roloff family seems to be recovering, but it looks as though he may have had some difficulties at first.

After the surgery, Matt Roloff's son Jeremy posted on June 17 to his Facebook page that his father had an "intense few days" after surgery but he was thankful his father was now on the road to recovery. He then asked for everyone to send good vibes and prayers Matt's way. Jeremy doesn't go on to clarify that statement, but it sure sounds as though Matt Roloff may have experienced some complications sometime during or right after surgery.

Matt Roloff's most recent post was on June 19, and a new photo shows that he is still in a hospital bed, but this time he is wearing a brace around his neck. He wrote that it was his sixth day of recovery and that his close friend Bill declared that Matt was "going to make it." He went on to say that all the prayers and well wishes are working, and he thanks everyone. So far, Roloff has received over 3,900 comments from fans wishing him a speedy recovery on that post, with over 51,000 "likes" and 353 shares.

According to Radar Online, the Roloff family has had a tough year, as Matt and Amy Roloff's divorce became final, and their deteriorating relationship played out for all to see. The question on everyone's minds now is whether they will be able to continue working together so that the family can continue to enjoy the farm.

Matt Roloff has expressed that he feels "stuck" on the farm and is thinking of selling, much to the consternation of his children, who are hoping to see it stay in the family. Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have shared that their future plans include living on the farm with their own children some day, and that definitely won't happen if Matt sells Roloff Farms.

Matt Roloff, now 55-years-old, was born with diastrophic dwarfism, and this left him with hip, leg, knee, shoulder, and arm problems. As a child, Matt Roloff spent an overall total of approximately two years in hospitals undergoing various corrective surgeries and procedures. Roloff spent even more time at home in braces and casts as he continued his lengthy recovery. The process was grueling for Matt, and to this day, he still cannot stand up straight or walk without the aid of his crutches. Now is his 50s, it seems as though this latest surgery will take some time to recover from as well.

On the next episode, titled "Little People, Big Goals," Matt Roloff brings up the possibility that he may be moving off the farm. His reasoning is that perhaps putting a little more space between him and Amy may make it easier for them to co-exist when they must work together. Meanwhile, Zach goes out of his comfort zone by deciding to hold a fundraiser in order to bring more attention to dwarf athletics. He brings in some of the nation's best soccer players who have been diagnosed with dwarfism to play in an exhibition game with a local soccer team.

Are you a fan of the show? Leave your comments, thoughts, and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Matt Roloff below. Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday's at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

[Image via Matt Roloff/Facebook]