‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Confronts Julian, Nikolas And Ava Scramble, And Finn Opens Up To Rachel

What can everybody expect from Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that there will be action related to Morgan, Kiki, and Dillon, as well as with Ava and Nikolas in London. Alexis has been arrested for Carlos’ murder, and Julian has headed to the police station to try to handle the situation. What else is on the way with the June 21 show?

As everybody saw on Monday, Alexis dodged questions at the station, and Sonny told Julian about the arrest. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis and Julian will be given a chance to talk, but Anna and Jordan will be watching and wondering which one will turn on the other first.


According to SheKnows Soaps, Alexis will question whether Julian set her up to take the fall for Carlos’ death, and she will be stunned by how selfish she thinks her husband is as this mess plays out. Alexis may have been arrested for this murder, but General Hospital spoilers tease that Anna, Jordan, and Sonny will chat about how, ultimately, she is the key to putting Julian behind bars for the murders he is behind.

Finn’s health is seriously deteriorating and Hayden/Rachel is pushing him for answers. He convinced her to go get a notebook of his out of his locker, and he has told her that he is dying. Soap Central shares that he will reveal more specifics about what is wrong with him, but will he really tell her everything? Just what is medically wrong with the new doctor in town?

General Hospital spoilers detail that Michael will connect with Sonny and Carly to share something good, and she will ask her son if he knows about something. Kiki and Dillon are ready to head off on an official date, but it sounds as if Morgan may be causing some interference in this new romance quite soon. In addition, Sonny and Morgan will chat and talk about whether Morgan is ready to head back home.

There is a bit of action over in London during Tuesday’s show, as well, as Nikolas and Ava remain stuck at Huxley’s place. While it had originally looked as if Huxley was after Nikolas, the mystery man now has admitted that it is Ava he wants. General Hospital spoilers share that Nikolas will ask Ava what it is she has that Huxley would want. Will she know what it is that is causing all of this chaos?

Elizabeth and Franco ran into one another in the locker room, and General Hospital spoilers share that they will get a bit closer during Tuesday’s show. She is trying to figure out what Rachel was up to there, but teasers indicate that she will be overhearing something incriminating about someone. It isn’t clear yet who she overhears or what it’s related to, but it sounds as if this could lead to big moments later in the week.

As the week continues, viewers will see an emotional conversation between Kiki and Morgan, while Anna considers heading out on a date. Nina propositioned Franco and General Hospital spoilers note that she will chat with Dillon about her feelings and what to do next. A mysterious package will arrive at Crimson, and there is a bit of action ahead involving Sabrina and Felix.

There is said to be a kiss between Elizabeth and Franco on the way and plenty more related to Alexis and Julian. Will a full-fledged romance begin for Liz and Franco? Sam and Jason are in London searching for Nikolas, and General Hospital spoilers tease that fans will not want to miss a minute of the action ahead.

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