Sasha Banks Returns to ‘Monday Night RAW’, Coming After Charlotte & The WWE Women’s Championship

Sasha Banks has been on a roller-coaster ride in WWE over the past few months. At Wrestlemania 32, The Boss was a part of a triple-threat match with Charlotte and Becky Lynch that reestablished women’s wrestling in WWE. Many people thought that Banks would walk out of Dallas the WWE Women’s Champion, but that wasn’t the case.

Ever since then, Banks has been mostly kept off WWE television for a variety of reasons. The saving grace for Sasha’s fans after Wrestlemania was a rumor that WWE officials were keeping her off WWE programming because they had “long-term storyline plans” in place for her to capture the WWE Women’s Championship at Summerslam in a few months.

However, WWE officials had a reason to keep her off television because she soon suffered a concussion that has lead to a lot of talk about her future in WWE. For example, there was a report that WWE officials and Vince McMahon were comparing her to Daniel Bryan, and she was potentially being labeled as “injury prone.”

Sasha Banks Shows Off Her Boss Jewery to the WWE Crowd [Image via]Soon after that, there was another rumor that Sasha Banks was unhappy with her role in WWE. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation about what plans WWE has for The Boss going forward, and if the feud with Charlotte for Summerslam was still the plan. It was a long and complex road to Phoenix, Arizona, for last night’s post-Money in the Bank edition of Monday Night RAW, but it looks like WWE is sticking to the plan for the summer.

Last night on RAW, Charlotte defended the WWE Women’s Championship against Paige. It took some interference from Dana Brooke, but Charlotte retained the championship. However, the surprise return of Sasha Banks thwarted her celebration, and the end of the segment saw The Boss raising the Women’s Championship to make her intentions abundantly clear to Charlotte and the rest of the WWE Universe. You can watch her return to WWE programming at

It’s not clear how WWE is going to progress Banks vs. Charlotte over the next couple of months, but it seems that is the end goal for the women’s division going forward, which is exactly what the WWE Universe has wanted for some time.

During Money in the Bank, while Brooke and Charlotte fought Becky Lynch and Natalya in a tag team match, the crowd was chanting “We Want Sasha.” She’s been missed, and her presence is going to bring a lot of intrigue to the women’s division many people thought was starting to get stale.

Sasha Banks Poses With Her Fitness Magazine Cover [Image via]They say that absence can make the heart grow fonder. No matter the reason she was kept off WWE television, the WWE Universe is very happy to have her back. It’s the perfect opportunity for Sasha Banks to become a top player in the women’s division and establish herself as the top face.

The fact is that there isn’t a top face in the women’s division. There is no doubt that Charlotte is the top heel and the WWE Women’s Champion. She has done an outstanding job in that role. However, she needs a foil, and the women’s division needs a top face. The WWE Universe has demonstrated for almost a year that they want it to be Sasha Banks, so it looks like they’re getting what they want.

Sasha Banks is one of the most talented performers WWE has regardless of gender. On paper, the next few months should be the ascension of The Boss, which will make this summer a lot of fun, especially after the WWE Draft. We’re not one-hundred percent sure what the future holds for the women’s division in WWE after July 19, but we know that Sasha Banks should be a major player if not the face of women’s wrestling in WWE by then.

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