‘Fallout 4’ PS4 Mods Can Currently Only Be Half As Big As Those On Xbox One

Following last month’s release of player-made mods for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One, Bethesda is now getting ready to bring mods to the PlayStation 4 version of their popular post-apocalyptic title. Similar to the launch of Fallout 4 mods on PC and Xbox One, the developer plans to first hold a closed beta test on the PS4 to ensure that the user-built content is ready for release.

While the actual test has not yet begun, Bethesda recently announced that the latest update for the Fallout 4 Creation Kit has now added PlayStation 4 mod support to Fallout 4. This gives modders the ability to upload their mod creations to the BethesdaNet in preparation of the upcoming beta.

Fallout 4 playable female
Mods allow fans to create their own ‘Fallout 4’ content. [Image via Bethesda]

Unfortunately, Fallout 4 owners will have to deal with a much stricter size limit for mod files when the test begins. Fallout 4 mods on the Xbox One can be up to 2 GB in size. However, uploads for PS4 mods can currently be no larger than 900 MB. This will, hopefully, only be an initial issue, as Bethesda claims to already be in talks with Sony to increase the file size.

All Fallout 4 mods uploaded for use on a PlayStation 4 will include textures from the PC version of the game, but Bethesda expects to fix this issue with a future update. Sound files also aren’t presently supported for PS4 mods. The developer plans to announce details for the private PS4 beta soon. In the meantime, they have confirmed that anyone who uploads a Fallout 4 mod for the PlayStation 4 will automatically be invited to join in on the closed test once it begins.

Fallout 4 DLC concept piece
Between mods and DLC, ‘Fallout 4’ fans have a lot to look forward to. [Image via Bethesda]

Adding additional security features, Bethesda is also now requiring all users to link their BethesdaNet accounts to a Steam ID in order to continue to upload Fallout 4 mods to consoles. The accounts will automatically be linked simply by logging onto BethesdaNet while browsing mods inside Fallout 4. This is likely a move to help stop users from attempting to pass off the work of others as their own. As the Inquisitr reported earlier this month, Bethesda wants to reduce the number of stolen mods found within Fallout 4. Requiring gamers to link their Steam ID before uploading content to the BethesdaNet database will show whether the author is also responsible for the same mod on PC.

PlayStation 4 fans shouldn’t expect to wait long before being able to try out Fallout 4 mods once the private beta begins. Bethesda plans to deliver the same experience on the PS4 as can currently be found on the Xbox One. This means that users will be able to download, rate, and install mods on their console directly while playing Fallout 4.

This was the idea that Bethesda had proposed for Fallout 4 mods shortly after announcing that they would be bringing user-generated content to the Xbox One and PS4 for the first time last year. While speaking with Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb following the launch of Fallout 4, Bethesda VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines explained the developer’s desire to make getting console mods as easy as possible.

“We do it in a way that’s easy. I get asked this a lot on social media and Twitter. This is not about, ‘You have to have a PC and you have to do it yourself.’ The idea is you go to play the game and there’s a menu option and you click on it and there’s just a bunch of stuff for you to download. You click on the stuff you want and you start playing the game with these new mods. We want it to be a really streamlined, fun experience.”

Are you excited that Fallout 4 mods are available on consoles, or do you prefer to keep mods on PC?

[Image via Bethesda]

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