‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Finale Will Reveal Major Theory?

Throughout Game of Thrones Season 6, fans have wondered whether a certain major theory will be revealed. It certainly seemed possible when Bran started having visions of his father in the past, but then things moved onto the White Walkers and Hodor. Is it possible that the Thrones Season 6 finale will show the big fan theory?

Caution: there are spoilers from the latest episode of Game of Thrones Season 6.

Many fans are still reeling from the latest episode, which saw the end of a certain barbaric character. It was a satisfying ending for many, especially to see that Sansa was able to be the last face Ramsay saw before his death. However, things won’t stop at Winterfell, just like they won’t stop with the rest of the Westeros and across the Narrow Sea.

Bran is one of those characters who has been missing for a couple of weeks now. He was last seen with Benjen Stark, who saved him and Meera from the White Walkers after the devastating episode with Hodor. It was made clear in Hodor’s episode that Bran can do much more than visit the past, and there are chances that he can make changes.

However, the visions of the past are giving fans to learn more about the stories before Game of Thrones started. One of those visions was of a young Ned Stark presumably going to save his sister, Lyanna Stark. This is one of the big fan theories, and a scene that is shared in the books A Song of Ice and Fire.

Ned was there when his sister was dying, and she asked him to promise him something. Nobody knows what that promise was, but there is the theory that it was to take a child that had been born and protect him. That child is suspected to be Jon Snow, the illegitimate son of Ned Stark and a mysterious woman. Jon doesn’t know anything about his mother, but Ned had promised that he would tell Jon about her the next time they saw each other.

It all looked like that story would never be told. Benjen Stark went missing, and Ned was executed. Now, Bran’s visions bring out the possibility that the story can be told through flashbacks. Will the Game of Thrones fan theory come true? And will that theory be confirmed or denied in the season finale?

What Culture suggests that the Game of Thrones fan theory isn’t going to turn out to be true. The publication uses a line from The Door to hint that this theory isn’t going to work out. Ned’s father tells the very young Ned to remember that he is a Stark. This is something Ned said to Jon, suggesting that he is a Stark and not a Targaryen. Instead, the reveal is going to be another baby—and that is if Lyanna is really in the middle of childbirth in the episode Tower of Joy.

The Game of Thrones Season 6 finale could avoid this reveal completely. The big reveal could be that Bran can see into the future, or that he has visions of the Mad King, something else that has been hinted about in past episodes. There is also the possibility that he learns that he can control the past, or that he was the reason for the Mad King’s decisions and fall.

There are many theories surrounding Game of Thrones. The Season 6 finale could be the episode when a theory is confirmed or denied. The trailer certainly suggests that Bran will be in the episode, but how much of the episode will revolve around him?

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