Mysterious UFO Captured In Shocking Cleveland Sighting Video: ‘Oh, My God… It’s Spinning’

An Unidentified Flying Object (UFO) was recently spotted over Cleveland, Ohio, and the reactions of some of the observers can be heard making what have been described as panicked comments about the the strange object. Not only did an observer capture the UFO on video, another actually took photos of what appears to be the same object “spinning” below the clouds.

The Daily Mail reported last week that two as of yet unidentified people caught a silent UFO passing over the city of Cleveland, Ohio, at dusk on their cell phone camera. A female voice can be heard in the video, commenting in what might be disbelief as they track the pewter-colored object across the sky.

“Oh, my God! It is… It’s spinning!… (garbled talk)… It’s freaking crazy!”

The Ohio UFO video footage was sent to SecureTeam, a self-described investigative organization that claims its mission is to disclose the truth about UFOs and associated phenomena, and posted it with commentary on its YouTube channel. Tyler Glockner, who narrates for SecureTeam, noted that he had been contacted by two separate witnesses to the same sighting of the latest Ohio UFO. While the duo shot the video at 9:45 p.m., another person in the area took photographs.

One of the sources purportedly told Glockner that the UFO had first appeared on a sunny day, but then “these very strange swirling dark clouds appeared out of nowhere.” The clouds, described as “menacing,” showed up prior to the photos being taken.

Glockner pointed out in the narrated video that the object is “no balloon,” looked to be a “classic disc or saucer shape,” and was “definitely a three dimensional structure.” He further described it as appearing to be “hard,” “flat on top” with a “ridged outer ring,” and having part of the so-called craft protruding from the bottom of the object.

But, not everyone was convinced of the authenticity of the video, or the veracity of the sources. Daily Mail commenter MuadDib noted, “Don’t believe everything Secureteam10 post. Most of their videos tend to be footage from women (more convincing in their eyes?) and have a coupe of sources to corroborate the story. The woman sounds like she’s acting in this.”

The comments range from the truly mundane to the flippant to the serious. While perdita_ likened the UFO to a “button,” Magda just hoped “it’s not a lost Frisbee.” And then there was the pragmatic observations of DannyUK, who posted, “The trouble you have these days is you can go outside, point the camera in the sky, goto [sic] your computer video software and insert a ufo craft and say ‘Oh My God’ it really is that easy. I do believe they exist but filtering the fakes from real is very difficult.”

WEWS-TV in Cleveland covered the story, reporting that one of the sources was a nursing student at Case Western Reserve University. It was noted that the UFO video had generated nearly 80,000 views in two days. It has now garnered just over 240,000 views to date. The news station also cheekily posted that another flying object had been seen by witnesses over Cleveland two days prior to the UFO sighting: LeBron James. The sports superstar would later, after the story ran, lead his team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, to victory in the NBA Finals.

mysterious ufo sighting cleveland
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The Cleveland sighting is just the latest in a series of sightings that include an Ohio UFO sighting, following a viral video posted (also by SecureTeam) on May 28 that depicts an oddly shaped object hovering over the Wright Patterson Air Force Base outside Dayton, Ohio. The video is 13 minutes long and has UFO enthusiasts speculating as to its origin. Adding to the lure of the sighting, of course, is the background of the base itself, because Wright Patterson Air Force Base was the former headquarters for the famed Project Blue Book UFO investigative unit while it was active. It is currently home to the Air Force Research Laboratory, which has lent itself to many a conspiracy theory of housed UFOs and aliens over the years.

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