Singer Prince’s Love Child: DNA Results Will Reveal The Truth Behind Shocking Claim

Now that Prince has been put to rest, there are several loose ends from the fallout due to the singer’s sudden death. One of those loose ends is whether or not Carlin Williams is Prince’s love child.

Williams claims that he is responsible for Prince’s estate and should inherit the musician’s fortune.

According to Radar Online, soon everyone will know the results of the DNA test. Williams’ lawyer, Patrick Cousins, will reveal all from the DNA that they used, which was available prior to Prince’s cremation. Spokesperson Bruce Lewis is giving journalists exclusive interviews following the reveal, so we’re guessing that this is pretty big news that has come out of the DNA testing.

It’s said that the interviews will be done with Prince’s alleged love child’s mother, Marsha J. Henson, who claims (via an affidavit) that she had sexual relations with Prince after a chance meeting at the star’s hotel in 1976.

While we still don’t know whether or not Carlin Williams is the love child of Prince, it’s said that Marsha J. Henson’s full reveal of her relationship with Prince is worth an estimated $400,000 to $500,000 per interview.

Prince’s alleged son, an aspiring rapper, is currently in a federal prison for an offense involving a gun, but he has a slew of bad history with the law. Lewis said that Carlin “started to inquire about who his father was and his mother reluctantly told him. She told him, ‘There’s someone (Cousins) who may be able to help you.'”

Radar Online released Carlin’s sordid history with the law and states, “Mr. Williams’s criminal history started, unsurprisingly, with drug cases. He was convicted of trafficking crack cocaine at age 25 and possession of crack cocaine at 27.”

The papers continue, “At age 31, Williams violated an order of protection and forced his way into an unarmed female’s residence and later he resisted arrest by the officers.”

The papers also state that he has a violent past with women and threatened to kill his girlfriend with a knife.

That said, keep in mind that money talks, and it isn’t rare that after a notable musician dies, people come out of the woodwork to claim relation in hopes of getting a stake in the money the artist left behind.

A similar situation happened when Michael Jackson died. Back in 2010, a few months after Michael Jackson’s death, Mocienne Petit Jackson came forward claiming to be the product of a love affair between Jackson and good friend Diana Ross’ sister Barbara.

At the time, she claimed that when Michael was 17-years-old, he had an affair with Barbara Ross. Worried about his reputation, Jackson’s mother, Katherine, allegedly “abducted” Mocienne and sent her to Belgium. The plot thickens because she alleges that her seven abductors are all dead. She came forward to “formally claim my part of my father’s inheritance.”

After the allegations made headlines, Diana Ross’ sister came out to call out the story. According to TMZ, Barbara said that Mocienne “is not my daughter” and called her “delusional.” She went on to call the whole situation “bizarre” and said that the woman in question was harassing her office with calls.

The difference between Jackson’s case and Prince’s is that Williams posted on Facebook that the singer was his father before he passed away. That said, Williams isn’t the only person claiming that they’re Prince’s offspring. Regina Sorensen, a woman from Wisconsin, claims she’s the love child of Prince, and a man named Norman Yates Carthens claims that he is the adopted son of Prince.

Carthens claims that he has a will that will let him obtain $7 million from Prince’s estate. Prince’s sister Tyka called this story out by saying that there’s no current will that mentions Carthens. As for Sorenson, she wants her DNA to be tested as well.

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