‘Shahs’ Star Shervin Roohparvar On Frienship With Golnesa ‘GG’ Gharachedaghi And Big Blowup In Belize

Is the friendship between Shervin Roohparvar and Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi over? On the latest episode of Shahs of Sunset, Shervin and GG got into a very tense argument during the group’s first night in Belize. GG accused Shervin of betraying her and not having her back. She thought that he had joined the others, namely Reza Farahan, in questioning her rheumatoid arthritis.

Infuriated that GG was questioning him, Shervin stood up and yelled back at GG to not talk to him like that. Things even threatened to get violent when GG tipped over Shervin’s seat when he tried to sit back down. The episode ended with everyone somberly retreating back to their rooms.

In an interview with the Daily Dish, posted on Monday, Shervin talked about his big blowup with GG in Belize. He also revealed how things currently are between him and GG.

Shervin admitted that he snapped when GG questioned him in front of everyone. He explained at that point, he was exhausted and irritable from lack of sleep, good nutrition, too much alcohol, and hot weather. He said that when he first heard GG “running her mouth” and “throwing these jabs” at him during dinner, he didn’t want to engage since he was so tired. Yet when she continued her talking and then got up and came over to him, he decided that enough was enough and so he gave her a piece of his mind.

As for his current relationship with GG, they’re still friends. Shervin, whom GG is so close to that she calls him her “brother,” said that they’re still like siblings.

“When you have true friendship and true camaraderie, I think we’re even beyond that, I consider us like siblings — it’s normal,” he said. “Who doesn’t fight with their brother and sister?”

Just two weeks ago, Shervin posted a photo of himself goofing off with GG in a photo booth. Shervin joked that GG is always up to something and always trying to hold her back.


Earlier in the episode, GG confronted Reza about questioning her illness. Reza, who previously told the others that he believes GG is lying about how serious her rheumatoid arthritis is, told GG that her story doesn’t add up. He said that he has heard things from both Mercedes “MJ” Javid and Shervin that bring into question GG’s claim that she needs chemotherapy. GG maintained that she’s not lying and invited Reza to attend one of her treatments with her.

Yet Reza is still unconvinced. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, hours prior to the episode airing, Reza called GG the show’s “resident sociopath” and apologized to viewers on GG’s behalf for lying about needing chemotherapy.

Does Shervin, like Reza Farahan, believe that Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi is lying and/or exaggerating how serious her rheumatoid arthritis is? Shervin told the Daily Dish that he does believe that GG has rheumatoid arthritis. He pointed out that he was there with her when she had to get surgery on her hand.

“I was there for her surgery… the scar tissue had to come out because she couldn’t close her fist anymore. So it’s a very difficult thing she’s going through.”

Yet Shervin did admit that GG may give off the impression that she’s embellishing her illness. Shervin said that he believes that GG latches on to words that she knows and understands.

“I think that she doesn’t necessarily exaggerate; I think that she is sitting in doctor’s office hearing a bunch of words and terminology that she doesn’t necessarily know and then she takes these little power words like ‘radiation,’ ‘chemotherapy,’ and she’s scared of them. And they’re the ones that are most prevalent in her mind when she thinks back and that’s what she shares.”

Shervin explained that GG’s treatment consists of a drug that’s often used during chemotherapy treatment.

“What she’s had is, it’s similar to chemotherapy. It’s a drug that’s used in conjunction with chemotherapy during chemotherapy.”

Shervin Roohparvar may find himself caught in the middle between Reza Farahan and Golnesa ‘GG” Gharachedaghi at the upcoming Shahs of Sunset reunion show. As the latest episode aired, Reza continues to make fun of GG. In response to one viewer who pointed out that GG probably shouldn’t be smoking and drinking so much if she really is that ill, Reza tweeted that the last time he was with GG, she had cigarette smoke coming out of her vagina.


Reza then praised Shervin for calling GG out.

“BRAVO!!!!!! @alphasherv is CALLING HER OUT! Finally!!!! Stop exaggerating your s**t! Keep it 100! You’ll get the same amount of attention!”

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