‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: New Relationships Form As Others Fall Apart

General Hospital spoilers indicate a busy week in Port Charles. Many relationships have changed over the course of the last few weeks and the effects will come trickling down throughout this week.

May sweeps led to the disappearance of Nikolas Cassadine (Tyler Christopher), the strain between Maxie (Kirsten Storms) and Nathan (Ryan Paevey), and the implosion of Julian (William deVry) and Alexis’ (Nancy Lee Grahn) marriage. As the week goes on, things become clear for General Hospital fans on where the characters stand.


Alexis was arrested for the murder of Carlos Rivera (Jeffrey Vincent Parise), despite the entire police department knowing she is not the one who did it. Her prints were on the Cassadine dagger where Carlos’ blood was found. According to Soap Shows, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Alexis will not be able to convince Julian to confess to what he did. He will promise to get her out of the situation, but he refuses to admit to what he did in order to save the woman he loves. Alexis finally realizes that Julian is only out to save himself and when she ends up confiding in Anna (Finola Hughes), she wonders whether or not she can actually trust her.

With Julian and Alexis at odds, the General Hospital writers may be leaning toward a Julian and Nina (Michelle Stafford) pairing. The two have an interesting chemistry, and he believes he has her just where he needs her to be in order to back him up. As Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) walks in and catches the two in an awkward situation, she questions what is going on. While it would appear things are getting romantic, speculation it is only to do with the photo shoot Nina has essentially blackmailed Julian into doing in order for her to keep silent.


The fate of Nathan and Maxie’s relationship has finally been revealed. It appears that she has decided to go forward with the wedding and forgive Nathan for keeping the truth to himself. General Hospital fans believe that Griffin (Matt Cohen) is the one who Nathan shot for being in bed with Claudette (Bree Williamson), but it has not been put out in the open just yet. Maxie has gotten significantly close to Griffin and it looks like she will be asking him to marry them. Because of the situation he is in with Nathan being the man who shot him all of those years ago, he declines. There is no telling how long it will be before the truth comes out but Claudette is set to arrive in Port Charles at the beginning of July, leaving just a few more episodes until things are blown out of the water. Once that happens, Maxie may or may not marry Nathan.

Things for Dr. Finn (Michael Easton) have been complicated on General Hospital. Right now things are bad for him and after he looks ill at the Floating Rib, Hayden (Rebecca Budig) takes him back to the hotel. When he wakes up, she is still there waiting in his room. There is going to be plenty of explaining to do, especially since she knows he isn’t telling the truth and hasn’t been since the moment he arrived in Port Charles. Will this experience bond this unlikely pair?

As the week goes on, more and more will be answered in regards to Nikolas’ disappearance. He has something planned but General Hospital fans aren’t sure what that is just yet. Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) slipped up last week with Laura (Genie Francis) and Dr. Collins (Jon Lindstrom) about his father not being dead, which they may or may not have picked up on. While Nikolas and Ava (Maura West) are being held captive, there are plenty of more questions about why. This week on General Hospital should yield more answers, but there will also be plenty more questions.

[Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NATAS]