Jordan Rodgers Admits He’s A Flirt, Relationship With ‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher Called ‘Toxic’

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher says she typically ends up dating a bad boy but didn’t go looking for one when she became The Bachelorette. Unfortunately, several of the guys cast for Season 12 arrived with a suitcase full of relationship issues and questionable intentions, including frontrunner Jordan Rodgers.

[Warning: Bachelorette Season 12 spoilers ahead]

Jordan, a former pro football player, received JoJo’s first impression rose on night one of the Bachelorette, and he has been a clear frontrunner since then. Although JoJo told Us Weekly that she knew Rodgers was cast for the show and was “indifferent” to the warnings she received about him, his rumored infidelity will become part of the storyline starting with Episode 5.

ABC’s video preview (below) of Monday night’s episode shows JoJo asking Jordan if he cheated on his ex-girlfriend, Brittany Farrar, but the video cuts off when he is about to answer. However, a show insider tells Us that although Jordan denies cheating on Farrar, he does admit that he flirted with other women during their relationship.

The conversation was filmed in late April during a one-on-one date in Uruguay. In the video clip, Jordan claims to have met Jordan’s ex in Dallas before the show started filming. Sources state that Brittany told JoJo that Jordan “wasn’t a great boyfriend” and they “had trust issues,” something Farrar decided to tell the world about on Instagram during the May 23 Bachelorette premiere.

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Spoilers indicate that JoJo is so smitten with Jordan that she chose to believe he didn’t cheat and ended up accepting his proposal at the final rose ceremony, despite the fact that she continued to “have doubts” and felt like she was the one doing all of the pursuing when the show was filming.

Although one of Jordan’s friends (unnamed) tells Us that Rodgers is “not a player,” he does say that the former pro football player is “a ladies’ man.” However, the emails released by blogger Reality Steve that were written to various women who have been involved with Jordan seem to indicate that he’s a whole lot more than just a ladies man.

“[He] never mentioned the show, called it a business trip during pre and post production, and was still texting girls on a dating app [Raya] after he got his phone back.”

“I wish there was screening to protect people from scumbags like Jordan Rodgers. I’m sure if you put out a requests for screenshots of people’s convos with him on [the dating app] Raya, they will exist… the dates will show since his return. Dating around is one thing, making a mockery of your now very public fiancé is another.”

“[Jordan] told me he lived in Nashville, and we met up at the SuperBowl in SF. We continued talking until a few months ago, when I found out he matched with another friend of mine and slept with her after a couple ‘dates’ (more of a couple nights out at the bar). I never text him back after that.”

Reality TV World reports that a show source states that out of all 12 seasons of the Bachelorette, the men cast for JoJo’s season are “the most toxic” — including Jordan Rodgers. Although he is rumored to get the final rose, how long his engagement to JoJo will last amidst all of the cheating chatter remains to be seen.

For now, JoJo is under contract to remain silent about the outcome of the show and her current relationship status with her final pick, but stay tuned for what could be a very interesting live After the Final Rose special on August 1.

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