Hillary Clinton’s Crimes And Indictments? Google Removes Them From Suggestions, Says Anonymous [Video]

Paula Mooney - Author

Jun. 19 2016, Updated 11:56 a.m. ET

Anonymous has come out with a new and explosive video that claims Google is favoring Hillary Clinton. In the attached video, a live search demonstration is shown as search results for Clinton on Google versus search results for Hillary on Yahoo seem to prove that Hillary’s alleged crimes might be buried by Google.

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The video, titled, “Anonymous – Google manipulating Hillary Clinton search results,” has received more than 200,00 views since being uploaded to YouTube on June 18. The video’s description claims that the search engine giant that is Google is intentionally directing searches away from any writings about Hillary’s alleged crimes and indictments, and is sending them instead to Clinton’s crime bills and crime reform measures.

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“Anonymous – Google manipulating Hillary Clinton search results. Google’s bias here is undeniable but how did this happen, why? Who is responsible. There are a stunning number of links between Google and Hillary Clinton’s campaign and they all stem to one person, Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, Inc. And former CEO of Google is a major funder of ‘The Ground Work,’ which is, according to sources, An investment by Schmidt to insure Hillary Clinton has the technological and engineering crowds to win the election.”

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Google is the largest search engine in U.S. and Europe, the video explains. It also explains a bit about Google’s suggested searches. Google’s auto-complete suggestions should represent what people are searching for, such as when hundreds or thousands of people search for Hillary’s crimes, much more so than Clinton’s crime reform bills, those former suggestions should be the suggestions shown to searchers on Google.

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However, as seen in the video, a search for “Hillary Clinton crime” makes Google suggest “Hillary Clinton crime reform,” “Hillary Clinton crisis,” and “Hillary Clinton crime bill 1994.” The same search for Clinton’s crimes in Yahoo’s search engine results in much different suggestions. The ones that pop up include terms that prove people are searching for Hillary’s personal and political record of crimes.

Such suggestions found on Yahoo include “Hillary Clinton criminal charges” and those with Clinton’s name matched with words like “crimes, criminal, criminal record, crimes list, criticism, cries in New Hampshire,” along with Hillary’s “criminal history.”

The video calls Google’s results wrong. Anonymous went on to discover how many searches for “Hillary Clinton crime reform” came into Google’s search engine in order to merit it as the top suggestion offered to folks searching for Clinton’s crimes on Google.

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Anonymous discovered that Clinton’s crime reform searches don’t have enough results to make a graph. Hillary’s crimes, however, had enough searches to make a graph that people do indeed search for Clinton’s crimes — much more than they search for Hillary’s crime reform bills.

The same holds true for Hillary’s indictments, claims Anonymous. In the video, typing “Hillary Clinton ind” alone brings up Bing suggestions for Clinton’s indictment, along with “Hillary Clinton indictment 2016,” “Hillary Clinton indicted,” and “Hillary Clinton indictment coming.”

However, on Google, typing in the beginning of the word “indictment” with Hillary’s name only garners suggestions like “Hillary Clinton Indiana,” along with information about Clinton and Indian, independent voters, and Indiana campaign.

According to Vox, Google has denied manipulating their search results to favor Hillary, but that hasn’t stopped the following comments from being made on social media about the melee.

As seen in the featured photo above, Elena Gonzalez is a Clinton supporter wearing a mask of Hillary as she protested Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Elena waved an American flag in San Antonio at the anti-Trump rally as Trump attended a private fundraising event on Friday, June 17.

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