This ‘Finding Dory’ And ‘Game of Thrones’ Mash-Up Trailer Is The Greatest Thing You’ll See Today

On June 17 Finding Dory, the highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo, was finally released and fans rushed to the theater to see the film and based on fans reactions, it’s definitely a hit.

But one fan took his love for Dory and combined it with his love for Game of Thrones in a way that is both hilarious and just a bit cringe worthy. Masterfully editing clips from Finding Dory and Finding Nemo to include blood, violence, and “nudity,” just like Game of Thrones, YouTube user MrStratman7, put together a new trailer for Finding Dory that you must see.

With this trailer, MrStratman7, poses the question, “What if George R.R. Martin Wrote Finding Dory?” It turns out the movie would be much more gruesome and maybe a little too scary for kids to watch. With the tagline, “Just keep killing,” MrStratman7 presents a new plot for Finding Dory. The trailer begins with the somber tune of stringed instruments, that sounds like typical Game of Thrones music, and it’s revealed that Nemo has been killed.

“It’s too late Dory,” Marlin tells her, as they look at Nemo’s lifeless form.

This 'Finding Dory' And 'Game of Thrones' Mash-Up Trailer Is The Greatest Thing You'll See Today
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Although Dory protests, it’s unfortunately true. Artfully using sound bites from other sources, including a sound bite of Ellen Degeneres, who does the voice of Dory, MrStratman7 is able to create this narrative that suggests Nemo’s death is part of a larger plot that affects a lot of fish.

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan this might remind you of how Ned Stark’s death was the catalyst for the ongoing war currently still happening in Westeros. Or alternatively, maybe you consider King Robert Baratheon’s death to be the catalyst. Or maybe the Mad King’s murder. Either way, in this version of Finding Dory, Nemo’s death packs a lot of meaning, which leads to a lot of issues.

This 'Finding Dory' And 'Game of Thrones' Mash-Up Trailer Is The Greatest Thing You'll See Today
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Adding in a lot of blood where there wasn’t any to begin with, MrStratman7 turns Finding Dory into this violent, mystery adventure that Dory and Marlin must go on. We see Bruce with blood in his teeth and the scene of Dory after being hurt by the jellyfish is made to feel much more ominous. Additionally, instead of ink filling the fish pool children play in in Finding Dory, we see blood instead.

Throw in Ellen’s voice saying, “This is personal to me,” and this trailer will make you feel like Finding Dory is the craziest sequel Pixar has ever made. MrStratman7 also added some nice touches to really make it feel like this was truly put together by the creators of Game of Thrones. They blur out a part of Peach, the Starfish, that makes it look like it’s blurring out her bare chest, and they use the Game of Thrones font. Then they also made it so that the bombs that blow up after Bruce tries to eat Dory, blow up in green fire, just like the Wildfire used in Game of Thrones.

This trailer was incredibly detailed and well thought out. Fans of both Disney and Game of Thrones will absolutely love this mash-up and appreciate the brilliance and hilarity of combining these two subject matters. MrStratman7 even threw a little dig at George R. R. Martin in the trailer stating, “From the George R. R. Martin…A screenplay that’s still being written,” a reminder that fans are still impatiently waiting for the next Game of Thrones book.

MrStratman7 picked the perfect time to put this trailer together. Not only did he time it to come out the same day Finding Dory was released but this weekend Game of Thrones will air what’s rumored to be it’s most action packed episode to date. As Game of Thrones’ fans anxiously wait to discover who will win in the Bastard Bowl they can now what this funny trailer to take their minds off such stressful matters.

[Photo by Disney/Pixar]

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