Pastor Steven Anderson: Orlando Shooting Remarks Not First Time He Has Called For Executing Gays

Pastor Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church has made quite the name for himself over the last year with a string of inflammatory remarks that culminated this week with his remarks endorsing the deaths of the 49 Pulse Nightclub patrons on Sunday (June 12) in Orlando.

The Orlando Shootings themselves were wrong, in the Pastor’s eyes, because they did not “go through the proper channels,” but the outcome was still for the best, he said.

“Fifty sodomites, homosexuals, have been killed,” Anderson said in a YouTube post. “Another 50 injured and the Muslim guy himself was killed. The good news is that there are 50 less perverts and pedophiles on the planet… the bad news is that this will be used to push for gun control where normal law-abiding Americans will not be able to get guns.”

Steven Anderson also feared that there would be a renewed push on “hate speech” restrictions, something that many would accuse him of in his weekly sermons.

Anderson continued.

“I’ve never advocated for violence. I don’t believe in taking the law into your own hands and would never go in and shoot up a gay bar. I do not believe it’s right to be a vigilante. I believe you should obey the law of the land. But the Bible says that homosexuals should be put to death. Obviously it’s not right to shoot up the place, but (the Orlando victims) should have been executed by a righteous government.”

As reprehensible as those words sound, it is not the first time that Pastor Steven Anderson has been so bold as to call for the executions of gays.

In a previous report from the Inquisitr, Anderson suggested that the execution of gays would lead to a full-on cure for AIDS.

He has also publicly prayed for the death of President Barack Obama.

Many believe that Pastor Steven Anderson goes beyond the confines of free speech, but he is skillful in how he goes about spreading his hate speech.

In his diatribe against the Orlando shooting victims, he was sure to say that he did not endorse the killer’s tactics in spite of appreciating the outcome.

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When he called for President Obama to die, it was a passive course using the “power of prayer” to get his point across.

His calls for the execution of gays in multiple sermons and personal remarks have hidden behind Old Testament scripture, making it protected under the guise of freedom of religion.

Steven Anderson is as enabled and protected to say what he says as the Westboro Baptist Church members are to protest funerals of military dead (and most recently Orlando shooting victims).

If you’re wondering what kind of church would ever hire a man like him, then WBC is another good example to look to. The Westboro group is not affiliated with the official Baptist denomination, but are rather a small church started by a family.

Pastor Steven Anderson launched Faithful Word Baptist Church in 2005, according to the group’s website, so in addition to being the preacher, he is also the head.

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As the site notes, he “holds no college degree,” but is said to have more than 140 chapters of the Bible “memorized word-for-word, including approximately half of the New Testament.”

Other prominent members of the church include Deacon Tyler Baker and Evangelist Garrett Kirchway.

The YouTube channel for Faithful Word has more than 50,000 members with another 5,000 followers split between Facebook and Twitter channels.

Pastor Steven Anderson also has shown support for another minister, who recently celebrated the Orlando shooting massacre, a Pastor Roger Jimenez of Verity Baptist Church.

Do you think Pastor Steven Anderson should be allowed to say the things that he does? Sound off in the comments section.

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