When Does Shark Week Start? TV Schedule For Shark Week 2016, Shark After Dark, And Eli Roth’s ‘Sharktacular’ Special

Get out of the water and head straight for your couch. Discovery Channel’s popular Shark Week series kicks off with a Sharktacular special on June 19, 2016, that will give viewers a sneak peek at what’s to come during the eight-days of shark-fest, followed by eight days of programming starting June 26.

Find the complete daily episode schedule for Shark Week 2016 below, including the broadcast times for the Sharktacular special and the late-night talk show, Shark After Dark. If that’s not enough to fulfill your shark obsession, check out Discovery’s live Shark Cam 24-hours a day.

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According to the New York Daily News, 42 million viewers tuned in to watch the Shark Week programming last summer, and after 28 summers, viewers are still excited to see what Discovery has in store for the 2016 series.

Great white sharks always draw plenty of interest each season, and this summer’s programming will pay homage to these ferocious beasts with 10 of the 16 shows scheduled for the week of June 26.

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According to Discovery, one of the highlights of this summer’s programming will include a self-propelled shark cage placed off the Coast of Guadalupe that helped give marine biologists insight into the behavior of great whites at depths of up to 2,000 feet.

But don’t worry — you will see plenty of other sharks during Shark Week, with several episodes dedicated to tiger sharks, reef, mako, and bull sharks.

In addition to the TV lineup below, shark-obsessed fans can connect on the official Shark Week social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (@SharkWeekSnaps). Use the hashtag #SharkWeek when posting or searching on social media.

Here’s the lineup for Shark Week 2016. If you don’t have a DVR and miss any of the shows below, check your local cable listings for repeats throughout the week of June 26.

Sunday, June 19

Shark Week Sharktactular (10 p.m. ET) Hosted by Eli Roth, this special will feature viral shark videos submitted by fans, the greatest sharks in the history of the series, and a sneak peek at the most “jaw-dropping moments” of the upcoming season.

Sunday, June 26

Tiger Beach — 8 p.m. ET
The Return of Monster Mako — 9 p.m. ET
Isle of Jaws— 10 p.m. ET
Shark After Dark — 11 p.m. ET (repeat shown at 2:30 a.m.)

Monday, June 27

Shallow Water Invasion — 8 p.m. ET
Jaws of the Deep — 9 p.m. ET
Sharks Among Us — 10 p.m. ET
Shark After Dark — 11 p.m. ET (repeat shown at 2:30 a.m.)

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Tuesday, June 28

Wrath of the Great White Serial Killer — 9 p.m. ET
Air Jaws: Night Stalker — 10 p.m. ET
Shark After Dark — 11 p.m. ET (repeat shown at 2:30 a.m.)

Wednesday, June 29

Deadliest Shark— 9 p.m. ET
Sharks vs. Dolphins: Face Off — 10 p.m. ET
Shark After Dark — 11 p.m. ET (repeat shown at 2:30 a.m.)

Thursday, June 30

Nuclear Sharks — 9 p.m. ET
Jungle Shark — 10 p.m. ET
Shark After Dark — 11 p.m. ET (repeat shown at 2:30 a.m.)

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Friday, July 1

Shark Bait — 9 p.m. ET
Blue Serengeti — 10 p.m. ET

Saturday, July 2

Sharksanity — 9 p.m. ET — features highlights from Shark Week 2016

Sunday, July 3

The Killing Games — 9 p.m. ET

Check out Discovery’s Sharkopedia for “all things shark” and test your shark IQ here to find out how much you really know about sharks.

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