‘The Legend Of Tarzan’ Stars Left Injured By ‘Primordial’ Sex

Alexander Skarsgård has revealed that training for The Legend of Tarzan has been a grueling and intense process with changes in his diet proving as challenging as the exhaustive workouts, but, as filming commenced, Skarsgård learned that the sacrifices he made had all been worthwhile.

Even in peak physical condition, Alexander came away injured and bruised, following the sex scenes he filmed with Legend of Tarzan co-star Margot Robbie, so there’s no telling what may have happened, had Alexander not been prepared by the hours of fitness training.

The Legend Of Tarzan Stars Went Feral With Their Sex Scenes

The Tarzan character was raised in the wild, as everyone knows, so it was director David Yates’ concept that such a man might have sex much like an animal of the wild, simulating the feral behavior of those beasts to have raised him from infancy. The Legend of Tarzan filmmaker instructed both Skarsgård and Margot Robbie, who plays Jane, the wife of Tarzan, to go wild in their lovemaking scenes and he meant that in a very literal sense.

“There is a sex scene in the movie when they return to the Congo village where Jane grew up and it’s the first sex scene in the movie,” says Skarsgård. “Soon after that they’re torn apart and the drive is for them to get back together, so it’s important to make it a passionate moment.”

Alexander adds that Yates was explicit in his directions, as far as just how he envisioned Tarzan and Jane coupling, fully aware that the sex he envisioned might leave the actors feeling a little battered.

“We shot the scene and he (Yates) wanted it to be primordial so, from behind the camera, he would scream ‘Margot, claw him, pound him, hit him’, because he was like ‘It’s Tarzan and Jane. When they have sex, it’s got to be out of this world’,” says Skarsgård.

By the time he finished filming the sex scenes with his Legend of Tarzan co-star, Alexander says he was covered with bruises and scratches.

Alexander Skarsgård Appreciated His Rewards, During His Fitness Training Regiment

In taking on the title role in The Legend of Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgård knew he would be required to endure an intensive training routine, but he was concerned that he would come out looking like a fitness freak instead of getting the finely chiseled physique of a man raised in the wild. To obtain the ideal look, Alexander reveals that a change in his diet was as essential as the hours of fitness training. Throughout the training and filming for The Legend of Tarzan, Skarsgård was limited to very small portions of protein every few hours, so he found himself living vicariously through Margot Robbie’s less restrictive lifestyle. Alexander would often ask Margot to describe her meals to him.

“I remember the day that he was allowed an apple, and he kissed the apple,” The Legend of Tarzan‘s Robbie says. “It hit me how deprived you are if you’re that excited to see a piece of fruit.”

Of course, the dietary restrictions and the intensive workouts were only temporary and ended with the final days of filming, so, as soon as shooting wrapped on The Legend of Tarzan, Alexander visited his father, Stellan Skarsgård (Thor, The Avengers), for a carb binge.

“I spent four days just in bed, being fed by Dad,” Skarsgård says. “He cooked these pastas with rich sauces and bone marrow and fried mozzarella and tons of beer and wine. It was the most incredible weekend of my life.”

The Legend of Tarzan opens in theaters on June 30.

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