Evan Peters Shares Why He Needed A Dictionary For ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’

James March was a formidable character in American Horror Story: Hotel. It was one of the favorites for many fans, and Evan Peters felt the same. The actor did admit that he needed a dictionary for some of his lines, though.

He admitted that his character had some amazing words and phrases that he had never heard of before. Rather than making a fool of himself, he grabbed a dictionary and learned how to actually pronounce the words, with his character’s time and culture in mind. One of his favorite lines from the American Horror Story season was “Felicitations to the happy couple!” according to The Wrap.

James March was certainly an interesting character. As the original owner of Hotel Cortez, he was also a sadistic serial killer and used his hotel as a way to hide bodies easily. He was also the original 10 Commandments Killer and remained as a ghost in the hotel as all others who had died at the hotel had done. As a side fact, the idea for the hotel was inspired by America’s worst serial killer H.H. Holmes, who built secret walls and tunnels in his own building.

Like all the others on set, he took his character seriously and wanted to really get into it. Peters needed March to be believable when it came to the fans watching.

The actor also needed a dictation coach to get all the lines right in American Horror Story: Hotel. This was a very different accent he was used to doing, something that he had picked up from all the 1930s-set gangster movies. It worked just for his character and definitely made him memorable.

While James Patrick March was a great character for Peters to play, he has admitted there is a different AHS character that he would like to reprise. Earlier this month, he said that he would like to revisit Tate Langdon from Season 1, or even see what he was like before the series started. Tate was the teenage ghost in Murder House, who was killed by a swat team after he killed students and paralyzed a teacher in a high school shooting. Peters says the character was an “animal” and he’d like to know if he is back in the house. At the end of the season, he was out in the cold after his actions towards the Harmons.

If he can’t play the character afterward, he would like to play Tate from before the season. He wants to see what actually made Tate the killer he became. This was only slightly touched on while telling Tate’s story and how he became a ghost in the American Horror Story murder house. He would also like to play a lighter side to the character, which would only be possible before whatever it was in the house that turned him.

It is still unclear as to whether Peters is returning for American Horror Story Season 6, and if he is, who his character will be. It certainly seems likely that he will return, but he has been playing coy. Whether he will reprise an old character or not is unclear. Other actors have reprised old characters, with Sarah Paulson reprising Season 1’s Billie Dean Howard in Season 5 and Lily Rabe came back as her Season 2 Sister Mary Eunice in Season 4’s Freakshow.

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Showrunner Ryan Murphy has already admitted that the seasons are linked, so it is possible that Tate could come back. First Peters has to come back for American Horror Story Season 6.

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