Jules Wainstein Accused Of Assaulting Husband In 2012, 'RHONY' Star Denies Claims

Jules Wainstein walked in as the newbie housewife on the Real Housewives of New York, but is ending the season with her marriage ending. This news broke just a few days ago with very minimal details explaining what happened between Jules and her husband, Michael. The two have been married for 8 years and share two sons together. While life was stressful for the couple, their relationship on camera didn't seem strained until the most recent episode aired.

Allegations have already been flying between Jules and Michael Wainstein. Each one has accused the other of various things, much of which is very serious. According to Us Weekly, Jules Wainstein allegedly assaulted her husband in 2012, and his attorney is speaking out about it. While Wainstein has denied the allegations and has insisted the truth will come to light, Michael's lawyer insists this incident did indeed happen. He went on to explain that Michael didn't leave Jules because they had a child at the time, and he wanted to keep the family together.

Interestingly enough, reports just a few days ago indicated that Jules Wainstein was afraid of Michael Wainstein, and she was considering getting an order of protection against him.

Both parties are beginning to sling mud at one another. It looks like things may get messy, especially since they have been married for quite some time and have children involved. The allegations of violence between both parties will be addressed in court. While Michael's attorney alleges Jules is violent, her claims implicate he may be as well.

Rumors of a curse for the Real Housewives of New York women have long since been talked about, and Jules Wainstein is the latest victim. While claims indicate the problems between the Wainsteins began long before their appearance on the reality show, it may have aggravated an already strained relationship.

Talk of the divorce will be addressed at the reunion show, as it appears the alleged affair Jules Wainstein found out about happened while they were filming this season. Ramona Singer has commented on the situation, showing her support for the newbie housewife. All of the women on the show have been divorced or widowed, with Singer going through the last high-profile divorce. If anyone understands what Wainstein is going through, it would be Singer, especially since her drama also played out on the show.

Dorinda and John knew Jules and Michael Wainstein, which is how they arrived on the scene of the Real Housewives of New York. The couples seemed close, often meeting for dinner or hanging out. There has been no comment from Dorinda or John about the divorce, though there may have been discussions on the upcoming episodes of the Real Housewives of New York. Allegations are going to fly between the couple, especially with the divorce coming up. It is anyone's guess where Dorinda and John will find themselves in this ugly situation, but the Wainsteins will have support from friends as they begin the process of building separate lives.

Fans are hoping that Jules and Michael Wainstein will be able to work things out amicably. The threats of violence and allegations of abuse against one another have not been proven, which means the stories are allegedly what happened based on individual accounts, though no one knows for sure what went on. Wainstein reportedly found out her husband was having an affair and he was no longer willing to stay in what he called an abusive environment. His attorney suggested Jules was violent, especially after the alleged attack in 2012.

For now, all Jules Wainstein can do is hold her head up high and work on proving the truth to those it matters, while focusing on raising her two young sons.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Barneys New York]