Best UFO Photo Ever? ‘Flying Saucer’ Spotted Over Mexico’s Colima Volcano Was Actually Profile Shot Of A Bird In Flight, Skeptics Say [Photos]

An image that purportedly shows a disc-shaped UFO flying over an active volcano in Mexico has gone viral online, with enthusiasts declaring it one of the clearest images of a flying saucer UFO ever captured. But skeptics have dismissed the latest viral UFO photo, saying it only shows a bird in flight.

According to UFO enthusiasts, the photo, captured by Webcams de Mexico, a network of cameras monitoring active volcanoes across Mexico, shows a real alien flying saucer passing over the Colima volcano in western Mexico.

The image was captured by the volcano webcam on Friday, June 10 and uploaded to Facebook with the question, “What could it be?”

The Inexplicata Blog, which describes itself as “The Journal Of Hispanic UFOlogy,” reported the alleged sighting on Monday, June 13.

Many Facebook users agreed that the object looked like a flying saucer passing over the active volcano.

UFO hunters quickly declared the photo proof of previous claims that aliens take special interest in active volcanoes and that aliens often fly drone crafts over volcanoes to monitor their activity.

“Here you can make out a dark disk with a thick center area and a round window or doorway on the edge.”

UFO enthusiasts claim that technologically advanced aliens often build bases deep inside active volcanoes because they believe humans cannot access the interior of an active volcano.

UFO and alien conspiracy theorist Scott C. Waring also commented on the latest alleged sighting over the Colima volcano in a post to his weird blog UFO Sightings Daily.

“This is a really cool sighting from Mexico,” the notorious conspiracy theorist wrote. “I actually saw something like this yesterday on the Colima cam, but didn’t report it because it wasn’t clear enough, but this one is fantastic.”

He described the alleged UFO as a disc exhibiting the classic “flying saucer” shape.

“Here you can make out a dark disk with a thick center area and a round window or doorway on the edge,” he wrote. “Wow, just mind-blowing.”

But UFO skeptics have dismissed the latest claimed “sighting,” arguing that the alleged “flying saucer” was actually a blurred profile shot of a bird flying near the volcano.

Scott Brando, who runs a website, dedicated to examining sighting claims critically, insisted that the blurred image actually shows a bird in flight.

Brando explains that “blurbos” are often mistaken for UFOs.

Despite Brando’s convincing argument, UFO hunters are unlikely to be deterred.

Online UFO folklore has a long history of promoting every unidentified object spotted flying or hovering over an active volcano as an “alien UFO.”

Footage that went viral online in January 2015 supposedly showed a “horse-shaped UFO” (see YouTube video below) hovering over the Colima volcano following a series of eruptions of the volcano. Many locals, who claimed to have seen the mysterious object hovering over the active volcano in western Mexico, said it resembled a flying horse with two legs.

Citing previous cases of strange objects spotted flying over the volcano, UFO hunters declared it was an “alien craft.”

“It looked like a horse… but the legs weren’t moving so it clearly wasn’t a modern-day Pegasus, and it sure as hell wasn’t a bird.”

Excitement over the “sighting” persisted long after Mexican authorities said the mystery object was most likely a man-made drone. Attempting to defend the claim that the object was an alien UFO, enthusiasts cited the case of a cigar- or cylinder-shaped UFO spotted apparently flying directly inside Popocatepetl volcano during an eruption in 2012 (see video below).

According to UFO hunters, a cylinder UFO entering an active volcano proved the existence of an alien base deep inside the volcano.

A more recent case involved a UFO that appeared to drop a “landing pod” inside an active volcano as it flew over it.

The footage, taken on January 3, 2016, and uploaded to YouTube on January 5, appears to show a UFO flying over the Colima volcano as it erupted, spewing ash and gas into the air. UFO hunters who scrutinized the video claimed they saw the UFO dropping an object into the volcano as it passed overhead.

Waring suggested at the time that the mysterious flying object was an alien “transporter craft” that “sneaked something” — possibly a landing pod containing alien astronauts — into the volcano. He claimed that the video proves that an alien base was located deep beneath the volcano.

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