Oh those wacky Texas librarians

There are cool fund raising efforts and there are really cool and funky fund raising efforts of which this one by the ladies of the Texas Library Association has to rank right up there. Forget your stereotypes of librarians because these ladies definitely break the mold.

As part of the fundraising they do for the Texas Library Disaster Fund, which helps the libraries along the Gulf Coast that were damaged by Katrina and other natural disasters, the ladies have gotten together for an 18-month calendar. However this isn’t you normal calendar of a bunch of prissy librarians, no this is a calendar sporting pictures of the women showing off their tattoos. I know, shocking, librarians with tattoos what is the world coming to?

Well judging from the pictures it’s coming along pretty good if you ask me. Not too mention the fact that for the $20.00 you get an 18 month calendar out of the deal.


hat tip to Neatorama