‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Showrunners Confirm No Battle Of The Block, New Challenges In Store For ‘BB18’

The Big Brother season is less than a week away, and the speculation from the superfans has kicked into overdrive as they wait for the season to begin. BB18 starts on June 22 with the 12 houseguests CBS announced plus at least four more players that will enter the BB18 house on the premiere episode.

The crazy fans got a lucky break because the Hollywood Reporter sat down with showrunners Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan for a house tour and exclusive scoops about the season ahead.

Allison previewed that this will be the craziest summer ever in the Big Brother house. She explains that it’s more than just a house theme, it’s the whole game in general. They’ve tried to revamp the game to create a fresh, new game that the fans will enjoy.

Big Brother 18 pictures via CBS

Apparently, the entire Big Brother house was redone, including the furniture. Typically, they redecorate to tie in the season’s theme, but this year, they did a complete overhaul.

Meehan revealed that it will also be the longest Big Brother game ever too, stretching 99 days. The players will have nowhere to hide for over three months.

The superfans will still feel the sense of Big Brother history in the house. For example, in the living room, Dan’s funeral took place, or Devin Shepherd called a house meeting in Season 16.

They redid the Have-not room to something crazy. It will be uncomfortable — basically, the showrunners warned the fans they houseguests will not want to be in that room.

Big Brother 18 pictures via CBS

The Head of Household room will be able to call downstairs with a phone. The other phone can be found in one of the rooms in a “phone booth.” Apparently, having a phone or intercom is a first for the BB18 house.

Allison discloses that on the Big Brother set, they do not give the players glass cups or plates, and they only allow plastic knives. She explained that it was a safety issue because you “never know when tempers flare.”

Last year, they announced they almost doubled the microphone count in the house. This year, they upped the ante once again and placed more microphones all over the house and even hid them in places you can’t see. They wanted to be able to hear when the players whispered to each other, and so they decided to add almost double the microphones. For example, they have a hanging microphone above the Head of Household’s bed.

Big Brother 18 pictures via CBS

Big Brother Network noted that Grodner said they were doing away with Battle of the Block and bring a new challenge to take its place. Sunday night is a big night for Big Brother, and they decided to launch a fresh, new challenge.

“Twist up the game. It’s going to be fun and something we’ve never done before. Who knows, it may return later.”

Big Brother wants a competition that has stakes and means something. The new competition will do just that, and the nominations for eviction will fall in between the competition, and a new twist that the showrunners couldn’t explain just yet.

Allison revealed the eviction nomination ceremony got a facelift too. It will be different and fresh. Let’s hope they brought back the keys. Something about the Big Brother and the key with the player’s name that brings excitement to the fans.

It is all pointing to a great summer fun with 16 new faces in the Big Brother house. Big Brother fans, are you happy they axed the Battle of the Block comp? What new ceremony and challenge do you think they will introduce? Watch CBS on June 22 for the premiere of Big Brother 18. Stick with the Inquisitr for more BB18 spoilers, news, and daily updates.

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