Why There’s So Much Hate For The New ‘Ghostbusters’

Ghostbusters, a beloved cult classic comedy, is getting a remake. The initial idea of getting one of the best comedies of all time remade into a modern setting might not sit well with fans, and clearly it did not. According to ScreenCrush, the trailer of the upcoming Ghostbusters remake is one of the most disliked videos uploaded on YouTube ever.

When the trailer first dropped, the views were overwhelming but so were the dislikes. Paul Feig’s female-led Ghostbusters movie includes a good amount of star power backing it up with the likes of Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy in the cast. But unfortunately, the reception of the trailer did not even remotely reflect the movie’s comedic potential.

The popular opinion about the trailer is that it was a very poorly put together trailer that inspires little confidence in the movie being any good. Some of the hate for the movie did not start with the trailer but during the announcement of the remake, and particularly the part of the announcement that revealed the film would have a female-led cast. It does not help that these same people that held some prejudice against the movie happened to see the trailer too, as they could have easily contributed to the 875,036 dislikes that it had as of today.

Putting things into perspective, the poorly received Fantastic Four reboot’s trailer only had over 20,000 dislikes, which is impressive considering how many Razzie awards the film was nominated for and won. Another film, The Ridiculous Six, which was rated at 0 percent by critics on Rotten Tomatoes, had over 5,000 dislikes. If this is any indication, the Ghostbusters remake might just be worse than the other two mentioned. On the other hand, people are merely guessing as to what the full Ghostbusters film will be liked based solely on the trailer, whereas those who disliked the trailers for Fantastic Four and Ridiculous Six may have done so because they had already seen, and disliked, the respective movies.

There is also the chance that disliking the Ghostbusters remake in advance is fast becoming a cultural trend, so people may be teaming up to dislike the trailer and share unflattering Ghostbusters-hating memes because it’s popular to do so at the time.

There is every chance that the film itself might well be very good, but nobody can tell for sure until the full film is released. This Ghostbusters remake could become a sleeper hit, and people would not even see it coming.

People might be in denial over the fact that they could be automatically disliking the trailer because the lead choices are all women. Some people, especially those people who have fond memories of the original film, may not be open to changing the formula. It was also recently proven that the dislikes from the trailer were not all from humans, but from bots in a coordinated attack by what might perhaps be a small group of angry movie-goers.

Even when they included a supporting role for a male, the fans did not take the character well. According to Teen Vogue, Chris Hemsworth was cast as the Ghostbustersmale secretary in the remake, and the reception of the character was underwhelming at best.

The original role in the first Ghostbusters movie of the team’s beloved and faithful assistant belonged to Annie Potts. In other films, Hemsworth might be known as a macho man and a hero but the angry fans struck again by calling him a dumb blonde. The YouTube video had its comment section decorated with comments of dislike for the casting choice and Chris Hemsworth’s role in particular.

Fans of the classic have been rejoicing despite all the negative news surrounding the remake, as the original Ghostbusters made its way back in theaters for its anniversary on June 8, according to Entertainment Weekly.

The original Ghostbusters received a wide release across America in 750 different theaters, with an encore screening date of June 12 scheduled. BBQ Films also be hosted three nights of immersive screenings of Ghostbusters in a giant warehouse in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which began on June 8. The company transformed the venue into the Ghostbusters HQ where the fans fell into the role of Ghostbusters themselves, while they watched Peter, Egon, and Ray on the big screen.

The Ghostbusters remake is set for release on July 15, 2016.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Sony]