Prince Harry: Royal Family Encouraging Prince To Settle Down With Pop Star?

Since Prince Harry took part in the Audi Polo Challenge in London, England, at the end of last month, there is talk of a new romance brewing between he and a pop star who is close to the royals, and even performed at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding back in 2011.

The tabloids are having a field day with the information that Prince Harry was seen sneaking a kiss from Ellie Goulding at the Polo tournament and although there has been no verification either way as to the details of the relationship, new rumors swirling involve the possibility that the royals are all for the match with the pop star.

Ok! Magazine suggests that things are really heating up between the duo and that the friendly kiss was more than just a greeting between two friends.A supposed source which spoke to the tabloid shared that Harry just can’t get enough of Goulding, who he was snapped in pictures with while both parties wore beaming, ear-to-ear smiles.

The source continued, stating that “Harry is head over heels for Goulding. She’s a firecracker who can keep up with him.” The source then went on to share how the two have been friends for a lengthy time, yet are both at that perfect point to become romantically involved.

“Harry and Goulding have been good friends for several years. However, the insider said that now that the two are single at the same time, they are quickly becoming even closer.”

Additionally, Harry is definitely not the only royal who is fond of the singer.

“Even though she’s a pop star, Harry and the royal family trust Ellie because she’s been around them for years. And William and Kate love Ellie to bits. They know that Harry is dying to get married and would love him to settle down with Ellie.”

So it sounds as though this rumor may have some truth to it and clearly Harry and Ellie would make one adorable couple. Both seem similar in nature and are used to the cameras being on them, which would be quite daunting to any other girl Harry may select to date. Perhaps the most difficult part of a relationship for the two would be figuring out time to see one another. Prince Harry does have a list of royal duties and appearances to make in various cities and nations on the regular, while Ellie travels for her tours.

For now, however, until the full truth is revealed, it is clear that one woman whom Harry is quite close to and confides in is his stunning sister-in-law Kate Middleton. As Yahoo shares, Middleton is that stable young female figure in Harry’s life who clearly resembles Harry and William’s late mother Princess Diana. Kate has been welcomed with open arms by Harry and the two have been caught enjoying sweet exchanges of the sibling sort.

Royal expert Ingrid Seward shares about the bond the two share.

“I know that he introduces Kate to all his girlfriends who mean something to him. She was friendly with Chelsy and Cressie. Harry is very sensitive to the fact that Kate had to come into this role and wasn’t born into it… He empathises with Kate and what she is going through.”

Ingrid goes on to state that Kate’s role is a difficult one to just fall into, and is not as easy as it looks. Additionally, the expert relays that the Duchess actually finds it quite difficult but would never let on that she finds it tough. Harry helps to lighten the mood at formal royal events while Kate’s husband, Prince William, who is to be king one day, must behave much more proper as expectation falls more on him than his younger brother.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]