Ava Sambora: Heather Locklear And Richie Sambora’s Daughter Is All Grown Up In Bikini Photo Shoot

Ava Sambora is the offspring of two of the biggest stars of the ’80s and ’90s, but she is making a name for herself in the modeling world. According to Us Weekly, Ava Sambora is the brand ambassador for Baes and Bikinis, and her most recent Malibu photo shoot shows she is every bit as much of a star as her famous parents.

Ava Sambora is the 18-year-old daughter of Melrose Place icon Heather Locklear and former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. She first hit the runway in 2010, but now she is making a more serious foray into modeling.

In the new Malibu photo shoot, Ava rocked a cheeky crochet number and a thong that leaves little to the imagination. A few months ago, Ava made her Baes and Bikinis debut in an off-shoulder yellow bikini.

In addition to modeling, Ava Sambora is a student at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Ava initially planned to go to NYU, but before she packed her bags from Manhattan she told People she wanted to soak up her last few months of the California sun.

“I want to spend my last couple of months really having the Southern California experience,” Ava said last summer. “I grew up here, so I want to do all of those things that I’ve never gotten to do, like go on trips, but maybe go paintballing and have different adventures too.”

Ultimately, Ava decided to stay in California, which makes it easier for her to juggle her career goals with school.

In addition to modeling, Sambora has also followed in her famous mom’s footsteps with some acting projects. Ava has had roles on the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie and the Judd Apatow movie This Is 40, and she previously told Teen Vogue she has always wanted to be an actress.

“Ever since I was five or six, I’ve wanted to be an actress,” Ava told the teen magazine several years ago. “I loved attention and would always try to be on stage and in front of people. It was easy to figure out what I wanted to be.”

Suffice it to say, Ava Sambora is getting plenty of attention with her modeling career now.

Ava Sambora is the only child of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora, who were married from 1994 to 2007. Even though the actress and the rocker split, they remained close friends for the sake of Ava. In fact, in 2014, Richie Sambora told People he and Heather are “better friends than ever” now.

“If you don’t get along you are messing the kid up. That’s what happens,” Sambora said. “Communication has got to come first…Thanksgiving or Christmas, we all spend it together.”

Richie also revealed that, when Ava was a baby, he was on daddy duty in a major way.
“When she was born, I was making a solo album here and when you are the boss you make your own hours,” Sambora said.

“Heather was working really hard on Spin City at that time, and so I was the guy that got up in the middle of the night and changed the diapers. I was Dad.”

Now that she’s grown up, Richie Sambora has nothing but pride for his only daughter.

“She’s a really good kid,” Sambora said of Ava. “You have to give them the tools to take care of themselves and almost force them when they are small to make decisions on their own so they then get in that groove. I never talked down to her, even when she was a kid. [Now] I rarely have to reprimand her. She’s fantastic.”

Take a look at the video below for more on Ava Sambora.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

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