‘Final Fantasy XV’ News: VR Experience, Wait Mode, And More

Square Enix has released new information regarding Final Fantasy XV, the highly anticipated RPG scheduled for release on September 30.

According to a report by Techno Buffalo, Final Fantasy XV will feature a “Wait Mode” that will enable players to freeze time in the middle of combat. The reception of Final Fantasy XV‘s combat system has been mixed, as some players prefer slower combat to that of the game’s faster pace. As a result, this feature will allow those players to take time and devise strategies while being able to view the entirety of the battlefield. While this isn’t the first time that such a system has been brought into an RPG game, it allows the player to execute any action during Wait Mode that they would normally have access to otherwise.

The targeting in Final Fantasy XV allows players to gain information on various enemies through Wait Mode, as well. Combat for Noctis and friends seems to be chaotic at times, and Wait Mode displays the health bars of enemies while a strategy is formulated. Additionally, players will be able to target different body parts of enemies; as is often the case with traditional RPGs, Noctis and the other party members need to attack in certain patterns to expose a monster’s vulnerability. Wait Mode expands on this, making it a simple process to vanquish foes and advance the story line as necessary.

Transportation in Final Fantasy XV has also been expanded upon, as Square Enix showed Noctis’s flying car and how it looks while in the air. According to The Verge, driving will be a large portion of the game. The vehicle that Noctis drives, the Regalia TYPE-F, takes on a full transformation when it takes to the skies. There are multiple configurations that are available for the Regalia, giving it transformation sequences that will vary. The video embedded shows that the car holds multiple parts that form the Regalia, and the player can adjust them to their preference over the course of the game.

In contrast to the exciting news about Final Fantasy XV and its mechanics, Square Enix has also announced what is known as the “VR Experience.” This puts the player behind the eyes of Prompto, one of the main characters and party members of Noctis’ crew. While the idea seems exciting, the execution of the VR Experience has not been well-received. Destructoid reports that the VR Experience is lacking, and the trailer does little more than show the simple mechanic of shooting and warping. Of course, Final Fantasy XV is still in development. It remains to be seen whether anything more will be added to the VR Experience, but players seem generally lukewarm to the trailer and what it entails.

It was previously stated by Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata that there would be a photo mode available in the game. Players will even be able to remove the HUD (Head-Up display), giving them complete access to the screen for a snapshot to be taken. Many adjustments have been made to this aspect of Final Fantasy XV, as well as the game’s difficulty, and how the buttons will be mapped.

Combined, Tabata has stated that the game will take around 200 hours to complete if the player finishes all side quests and extra content outside of the main story. With the average RPG taking anywhere from 40 to 50 hours to complete, Square Enix wants to be sure that fans will have plenty to do when Noctis is dropped onto consoles everywhere.

How do you feel about Final Fantasy XV so far? Will this be a purchase for you on day one? Let us know in the comment section below.

[Image Via Square Enix]