Ben Higgins And Lauren Bushnell Headed For A Split? Former ‘Bachelor’ Calling Off The Wedding Over Her Body Image Issues

Lauren Bushnell’s skinny frame has sparked rumors of a possible breakup with Ben Higgins.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Bushnell shared a few pictures of herself on social media. The images, which featured Bushnell posing in workout attire, caused fans to accuse her of being too skinny.

In reply, Bushnell told fans that she is “ultra fit” and that she doesn’t suffer from any kind of eating disorder.

“Still grubbing just working out hard,” Bushnell stated.

To make matters worse, Higgins commented on a post that included Bushnell flexing at a restaurant. Unfortunately, Bushnell was not happy about his comments.

“@higgins ben babe you are literally asking for trolls to comment on my weight,” she shared. “Also not actually flexing duh Get a better pic when I’m straight out of the gym n swoll n stuff.”

While Bushnell continues to combat the weight rumors, News Everyday reports this isn’t the first time fans have noticed a change in the reality star. Apparently, some believe that Bushnell only started losing weight after her appearance on The Bachelor.

Lauren Bushnell's Dark Past Before 'The Bachelor' And Ben Higgins Revealed [Photo via ABC]

Despite the claims, Bushnell remains adamant that she weighs the exact same as she did when she first appeared on the show.

Of course, all the rumors surrounding her weight have led to speculation that her relationship with Higgins is not as solid as it appears on the outside.

Considering how Bushnell felt the need to address the weight rumors is a clear indication that she is bothered by the gossip. Whether or not this has hindered her plans with Higgins is unknown.

Whatever the truth, Game N Guide is reporting that the reality couple has yet to start planning their wedding. Not only has this led to conflict between the two, but Bushnell is depressed about the lack of planning.

These are not the first breakup rumors to afflict the new couple. In fact, their relationship has faced controversy ever since Ben Higgins gave her his final rose.

For starters, the pair had to get over the fact that Higgins also loved his runner-up and current star of The Bachelorette, JoJo Fletcher.

Ben Higgins and JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC]

As if that wasn’t a big enough hurdle, rumors started to circulate that Higgins had cheated on Bushnell with an old girlfriend from college. With so many reports indicating trouble in paradise, fans have anticipated a split for months.

While the couple battles breakup rumors, Higgins is seriously considering a future in politics. According to Buddy TV, the reality star has plans to run for a spot in Colorado’s House of Representatives. In order to garner support for his campaign, Higgins launched a website to gauge his chances in the election.

“Thank you for your support as Ben explores his opportunities to make a positive impact on his local community!” the website states.

If Higgins decides to run for office, he plans on entering the race as a Republican and would be up against Dan Pabon, who is currently the House Speaker.

That being said, the Republicans already have a candidate for the seat in Willia Pinkston. However, if Higgins enters the race, then Pinkston has already promised to step aside.

At this time, Higgins is still undecided about his future in politics. If he does enter the race, then there is a chance his wedding with Bushnell will get pushed back even further.

“Whatever lies ahead, love, grace, and hope are ideals that guide my life. I will take them with me into my next adventure,” Higgins explained. “Lauren and I aren’t sure yet what that will be… My priority is giving back to my community and serving my neighbors.”

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[Image via ABC]