Kelly Ripa Officially Welcomes Michael Strahan As New Co-Host

The wait is over. After nine months, 200 shows, and 59 guest hosts, Kelly Ripa has finally found a replacement for Regis Philbin. NFL star Michael Strahan joined Ripa today as the co-host for the first episode of Live With Kelly And Michael.

Ripa said:

“It’s an exciting day around here … Nine months and I’m about to give birth to my co-host …. I’ve really been very fortunate, I’ve sat next to so many talented people … I have enjoyed every single solitary person except for, like, one… Now it is time for a new era of our show to begin.”

Strahan added:

“I’m speechless … I adore you. I’m so happy to be part of this …. You know how they say, it’s a dream come true. I truly can’t say that because I didn’t know I could even dream this.”

Today may be Strahan’s first day as the official co-host on Live With Kelly And Michael, but the NFL star is already pretty comfortable next to Ripa. Strahan filled in as a guest host 15 times since Philbin left the show last year.

On his first day, Ripa and Strahan talked about pet names for their significant others, the tooth fairy, and the recent death of actor Michael Clarke Duncan.

The video from today’s show isn’t available yet, but here’s a look at Michael Strahan acting as guest host for Kelly Ripa.