Gay Democrat On Craigslist Throws Support To Trump After Orlando Shooting

A self-described lifelong Democrat who is gay took to Craigslist today to announce that he is voting for Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton for president, vowing that he will never cast a ballot for any Democrat ever again.

Although Craigslist is primarily a venue for commerce rather than politics (except for alleged Craigslist attempts by anti-Trump forces to hire fake “racist” Trump supporters or pay others to disrupt Trump rallies), the unidentified writer apparently decided to use the classified ad website to explain his voting decision in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

On June 12, a gunman identified by law enforcement authorities as Omar Mateen entered the Orlando nightclub and killed at least 49 innocent patrons and wounded many more in the deadliest mass shooting incident in U.S. history.

Killed in the gunfight with cops, Mateen was an American citizen of Afghan heritage. New information about Mateen and others in his orbit seems to emerge by the minute.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump appears to have lured a growing number of LGBT voters away from his Democrat challenger, Hillary Clinton. Trump’s speech after the Orlando shooting committed by an alleged ISIS-inspired terrorist has earned him the steadfast loyalty of some gay Americans who are now keenly focused on national security, immigration, and terrorism matters. This change of heart was in part reflected on Reddit and other online outlets.

Trump’s nationally televised speech that reaffirmed his call to pause all immigration into the U.S. from Muslim countries continues to spark controversy across the ideological spectrum.

“The horror of Sunday’s terrorist attack in Orlando at a gay nightclub has sent shockwaves throughout the LGBT community and forced many to change their support from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.” the Washington Examiner claimed.


Posted anonymously at the Sacramento, California, Craigslist portal today, the above-mentioned gay Democrat declared that the Orlando shooting atrocity prompted a political reassessment.

“As a lifetime Democrat, I have always voted and fought for the candidate who espoused my beliefs and defended my rights as a homosexual. I even voted for Hillary over Sanders in our primary. However, a apiece of my heart died this past weekend when a Muslim entered the pulse nightclub in Orlando with the expressed purpose of killing gay people. Not since Sept 11, 2001 has America been attacked in such a hateful way. Since the attack, the Democrat party, including Clinton and Obama, have been doing everything they can to blame everyone and everything but the people responsible for the attack.”


The Craigslist author further decried the political pivot on the left from terrorism to gun control and its related calls for banning certain weapons.

“Sorry, but never in my life has the NRA killed 49 gay people at one time, never in my life has any Christians killed 49 gay people at one time, never in my life has any Republican killed 49 gay people at one time, never in my life has any talk show host from any radio station killed 49 gay people at one time, and never in my life has any other American killed 49 gay people at tine time….”

“So after many years voting for the Democrat nominees for President, and after much heartfelt consideration, today I have become a one-issue voter, and that issue is to stop all Muslims who hail from any countries that espouses the death for anyone who is gay, from entering the United States. Plus I want those who espouse the death of anyone who is gay to be deported back to the country they came from. Thus, today I am a Donald Trump Supporter. “

According to Breitbart News, the Obama administration is currently fast-tracking thousands of Syrian refugees into the U.S. without sufficient vetting. Through 2013, some 30,000 Afghan migrants were granted permanent residency in America, Breitbart added.

“The investigation has extended to Afghanistan, where Mateen’s parents were from, and to Saudi Arabia,” the Los Angeles Times reported about the Orlando shooting.

Do you think that the Craigslist posting from the gay Democrat who switched his support from Clinton to Trump is authentic and is representative of a constituency within the LGBT community?

[Photo by Chris O’Meara/AP]