Donald Trump Gets LGBT Support Boost After Orlando Shooting

Tara Dodrill - Author

Jun. 14 2016, Updated 7:22 a.m. ET

Donald Trump appears to have lured a growing number of LGBT voters away from his Democrat challenger, Hillary Clinton. Trump’s speech after the Orlando shooting by a self-avowed ISIS terrorist has earned him the steadfast loyalty of gay Americans who are now keenly focused on national security, immigration, and terrorism matters.

A Newsmax report about the surging Donald Trump gay support offered a roundup of both social media and editorial pieces detailing why they will not be casting a ballot for Hillary Clinton in November. The refusal by progressive or liberal politicians to utter the phrase “radical Islamic terrorist” is the most often cited reason LGBT community members feel their lives will be much safer under a president Trump.

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“I’m American, I’m gay. I used to think Trump was full of [expletive]. Today everything changed. My friend was one of the victims in Orlando, I’ve never been more ready for Trump to take office,” Reddit user “4yyy” posted to the website. ” “I’m shaken. I’m a mess. I’m broken, but I’ve never been more determined for a leader to actually take charge and make a change. How do I get started? How do I help this man lead us into a safer country.”

While Donald Trump’s speech after the Orlando shooting focused on radical Islamic terrorism and national security, Hillary Clinton’s address was largely centered on both gun control and a desire to not express more hate by chastising all Muslims or employing more stringent immigration standards of people from the Middle East.

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Another Reddit user, going by the name “snowduckling,” echoed the Donald Trump endorsement by his LGBT peer, “I am a gay man and this disgusting incident has persuaded me to join the Trump train! It’s about time that I jumped ship.”

The Reddit user went on to say he is more concerned about his safety than he is about any anti-gay bias which is allegedly present in the Republican Party.

“I’d rather be denied service from a bakery than be riddled with bullets during a hate crime performed by a crazy radical Islamic terrorist,” snowduckling added.

The “Hillary Clinton Lying For 13 Minutes Straight” YouTube which went viral after being shared by the Angry Patriot, shows interviews with the Democrat where she voiced widely varying stances on gay marriage. The video may have played a role in the increased LGBT support for Donald Trump.

An editorial piece written by an “anonymous gay activist” for PJMedia also goes into great detail to explain the “shame” the author feels about voting for Hillary Clinton in the primary — and why he will be voting for Donald Trump in the general election.

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“The events in Orlando have shattered my political beliefs,” the LGBT community member wrote. “Suddenly that is the only issue that really matters when it comes to the health, well-being and safety of the queer community. I don’t want to vote for Trump, but I must. And if you care about the safety of the gay community in America, so must you.”

Stopping the spread of Islamic terrorism is now the top issue for the writer when deciding how to vote. The gay author went on to say both President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are both decidedly more concerned with “appeasing Muslims” than they are defending and protecting gay Americans.

The gay writer said voting for Hillary in the primary now causes him to “cringe inwardly with shame and embarrassment.”

During his speech after the ISIS terror attack in Orlando, Donald Trump said the radical Islamic terrorist chose to shoot up the Pulse nightclub not merely because he wanted to kill as many Americans as possible, but so he could specifically execute gay and lesbian Americans.

The Orlando shooting by Omar Mateen was an “assault” on the ability of American citizens to “love who they want,” Trump said, according to a Fox News report.

What do you think about LGBT voters ushering in more support for Donald Trump and lambasting Hillary Clinton for her lack of support for the safety of gay Americans?


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