82 Year Old Doris Thompson Busted For Burglary. Again.

82-year-old career criminal Doris Thompson, a woman with a 50-year rap sheet as thick as Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, has been arrested for burglary yet again, according to the Los Angeles Times. Police believe that Thompson is responsible for eight crimes in the area, and they have evidence to support these claims. As of this writing, Doris is already cooling her heels behind bars. Unless she raises the $80,000 for bail, she could be there for quite some time.

Authorities explained that Thompson, who is known by roughly 25 different names, generally targets doctor’s offices. Her tactics are simple: Enter the office, hide out until the place closes up shop for the day, and then raid the place like a kid in a candy store. Unfortunately for Doris, she didn’t pay too much attention to the security cameras monitoring her every movement, a fact which ultimately lead to her arrest.

According to Fox News, Thompson is responsible for netting over $17,000 during her schemes. Although police have the woman in custody now, they don’t think she’ll ever give up life as a professional criminal. Given that she’s been breaking laws since 1955, that’s probably a pretty sane assumption.

Two years ago, the 82-year-old burglar was arrested for doing the exact same thing, an event that was also captured on security cameras. Deputy District Attorney Paulette Paccione explained that, during her previous haul, Thompson made off with $400 in cash and checks, $25 in stamps, and various medical equipment including a pricey urine container.

“That’s her M.O. What she does is she goes in with her little burglar bag. She takes cash, stamps, whatever she can find,” Paccione explained at the time. “I don’t think this will stop her from doing this again. She’s not really apologetic about it. This is her thing.”

Given that 82-year-old Doris Thompson was just busted for yet another burglary, it’s a pretty safe bet that she may strike again.