PlayStation 4 Exclusive ‘Spider-Man’ Title Set To Swing Your Way

The PlayStation 4 hasn’t been seeing a lot of great exclusive titles since its launch in 2013. Aside from Infamous: Second Son and The Last of Us Remastered, Microsoft seems to have gotten most of the exclusives that gamers actually wanted. We might have added Street Fighter V to the list, but its lack of characters or single-player options limited the fighting game sequel to only the most dedicated fans.

Now PlayStation 4 owners can add Spider-Man to the list, but it’s not entirely clear yet if it will be a must-have title or just another superhero video game that fails to impress. The genre really hasn’t had many games that people have willingly come back to. There was that multiplayer X-Men beat-em-up back in the 90s, the numerous Capcom and DC Comics fighting games, and that Prototype game, but aside from the Batman: Arkham series, superhero games just haven’t packed that big of a punch.


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Spider-Man has been done several times before and never really felt right. One of the most acclaimed attempts among them was Web of Shadows, but the controls made it more difficult than it needed to be. Swinging from buildings is a mechanic which doesn’t translate well for most gamers, and every title that depended on it ended up being less than fun as we struggled to control the direction we were going. The upcoming PlayStation 4 title may end up repeating this issue.

To be fair, Insomniac Games appears to be using more parkour to help the friendly neighborhood hero traverse busy streets, and this title may be borrowing from Prototype with a mechanic that lets Peter Parker stick to walls. Depending on how expansive the wall crawling is, there could be issues with fighting the camera, a common problem with a lot of open-world titles. You could find yourself staring at the back of Spidey’s head in a heated brawl, guessing where the enemies are due to bad automatic camera placement.

Fighting the camera could be a huge source of irritation considering that many of Spider-Man’s major enemies are highly mobile. Green Goblin has his glider, Doctor Octopus has his mechanical arms, Vulture has his wings, and Venom and Carnage both have the basically same travel options as Spidey himself.

The trailer for the PlayStation 4 exclusive title didn’t show a lot of footage of Parker fighting his super-powered enemies, except maybe a fleeting glimpse of Rhino. Many of the enemies he fights in the trailer are just random thugs with masks, possibly to help the audience focus on Spider-Man and his abilities.


The E3 2016 trailer did show off something that indicates the game may be tied in with Marvel’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. When we get a closeup of his eyes, they look about the same way they did in the Captain America: Civil War trailer. He appears to be wearing a different suit scheme on his arms, though, with what looks to be a possible wrist harness to enhance his abilities. The white design is reflected in the spider on his chest. This could be a sign that you upgrade his suit throughout the game.

A lot is still unknown about the PlayStation 4 exclusive Spider-Man game, including its release date. Could this be the next hit superhero game to arrive on consoles or one of many you’ll rent and forget?

[Image via Insomniac Games]