Single Khloe Kardashian’s Mixed Up Feelings On Being Alone

Khloe Kardashian is revealing that she’s just like us. Even though she’s rich and famous, she’s human and she has feelings. While she enjoys being single and free, she doesn’t like the idea of being alone forever.

Even someone like Khloe Kardashian, who comes from such a large family, gets lonely sometimes. The 31-year-old has been enjoying time to herself since her brother Rob Kardashian has moved out of her home. But Kardashian admitted on her website and app that she experiences frequent ups and downs when it comes to living alone.

“I love living alone because I am a loner by nature. The best thing about it is that I can literally just run downstairs naked and don’t have to think about it. I couldn’t do that before, with Rob and his friends who would come over. Just having the freedom to do whatever I want, play the music I like and singing at home is nice. I really like having ‘me’ space,” she wrote.

Khloe has also been lonelier since she moved with her divorce from Lamar Odom, who was spotted allegedly drinking alcohol several times after his near-fatal accidental overdose back in October. In her post on Monday, June 13, Khloe recalled the times that she would have both Lamar and Rob inside her house and they would often eat together, watch movies, or sit around and talk all day long.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has since revealed that she wants to finally move on from her marriage with Odom. On Sunday’s night episode, Kardashian revealed her raw and candid feelings on her marriage and their impending divorce.

She was heard saying to her sister, Kim, “I need this marriage to end because it’s depressing. No one checks on me… they always check on how Lamar is doing. I need a real relationship. I want a life. This is miserable.”

Not only has Khloe been linked to her estranged husband, but she has been linked to a long list of men including rapper French Montana, Houston Rockets player James Harden, and New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. TMZ published the photos of Khloe and Odell looking cozy at Drake’s pool party in the Hidden Hills over the Memorial Day weekend. In one of the photos, Khloe was photographed sitting right on Odell’s lap, and in another, she was seen placing her arms around him.

Sources even told the celebrity gossip blog that the two were “definitely into each other” and “looked like a couple” at the party. But a source told Us Weekly that Kardashian and Beckham are definitely not dating.

“They’re not dating,” the source told the outlet on June 1. “They were just flirting at a party,” like most single people would.

Even the reality star shut down the rumors with a cryptic tweet on Tuesday, May 31.

“It’s really not that deep,” Kardashian posted.

She also took to her website and app to reveal her biggest dating deal breaker when she meets men.

“When you try to get to know me through Google instead of actually talking to me, it bothers me. The date becomes an interview, and it’s weird.”

Kardashian even mentioned the time when a guy openly admitted he Googled who she’s dated in the past. She claimed that she never heard of the person he was referring to. Kardashian smartly asked the guy if he’s ever seen her photographed with the man and he said no, but he already blew his chance because she was already “turned off” by the time he responded.

She has filed for divorce for the second time on May 26 citing irreconcilable differences. Khloe first filed for divorce in December 2013 after ending her relationship with the Los Angeles Lakers player. The divorce was never finalized because Lamar was still holding out hope for reconciliation, but Khloe withdrew the papers last October after he was found unconscious at the Nevada brothel.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom married in September 2009 after just a few months of dating.

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