‘Ring Our Bell, Harry’ — Harry Styles’ British Charm Captures American Hearts, Louis Tomlinson And Liam Payne Still Writing?

Harry Styles has been featured in a humorous pictorial about the attractive new crop of British stars sweeping America, and questions have been raised today about whether Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are still best buds and songwriting partners.

Cosmopolitan magazine created a mashup image featuring a selection of British heartthrobs for the “Cosmotivation” section in its July 2016 edition.

The men are clad in uniforms from the Age of Exploration, and Harry Styles can be seen alongside his friend David Beckham and some other stars, staring off-camera with a soulful expression.

The women’s mag writes that “the British are coming.”

If they were this hot in 1776 we would have let them ring our liberty bell…


Cosmopolitan has always taken a very pro-Harry stance — the mag previously gushed about the time “Harry Styles met Prince Harry,” saying it was “pure magic.”

The two British Harrys were dubbed “a dream team.”

It’s Harry vs. Harry, and we’re all winners!

The princely Harry and the pop star Harry were praised as adorable, “cute af,” and “fine as hell,” and the gushing female columnist even joked that she struggled to remember what they are actually famous for.

Harry Styles and Prince Harry met, and of course, they hit it off because they’re both (1) adorable, (2) cute AF, and (3) fine as hell. Oh, um, and they’re both accomplished in lots of other ways — something about being a prince? And a super famous singer? Can’t remember.

Harry Styles is believed to be back in France filming for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk after a brief stint home in London. A key Harry update account reports that a fan received a written message when he/she met Harry in France yesterday.

Meanwhile, Unreality TV has made a shocking claim: super-songwriting team Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne may not be super-tight anymore

The mag reported about how Louis Tomlinson’s mom Johannah reached out to Liam on social media when he attended a wedding recently. Louis’ mom sent her love to Liam, the bride and the groom.

Louis’ mum Johannah Deakin saw pictures of the event online and reached out to her son’s former BFF, tweeting: “@Real_Liam_Payne Much love & happiness to you all on your special day. Give our love to Ruth & Thomas x”

Unreality TV calls Liam “Louis’ former BFF,” perhaps referring to the fact that the pair have not been seen together since the Brits awards.

Louis and Liam have not been writing together in recent weeks, perhaps because Louis has been busy with TV work and Red Bull promotions with his girlfriend Danielle Campbell, while Liam has been traveling the world with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, who wowed the crowds at Cannes in a selection of stunning, figure-hugging outfits.

Hopefully the “former BFF” thing was just an error on the part of Unreality TV, and Liam and Louis will be back on the songwriting circuit soon preparing some excellent new songs for the next One Direction album.

Tomlinson and Payne are a prolific songwriting team who had a special hand in making Midnight Memories a stellar album. Liam and Louis are listed as the writers for some of that album’s best tracks, like “Strong” and “Little Black Dress.”

Media outlets have observed that the good pals always have each others’ backs during interviews. Metro reported that when the handsome pair attended the Brits, Liam Payne was too tipsy to deliver his usual smooth interview responses. Luckily, Louis Tomlinson was on the ball.

The pair were being interviewed backstage…Liam was soon joking that he’d only turned up for the ‘free booze’ before Louis revealed ‘he’s had a few too many drinks tonight’… And as Louis started speaking about what they’d been up to on their break so far (which, aside from him being a new daddy, is basically just writing music), Liam couldn’t take it any more and it was all pretty funny to watch…

The Brits interviews happened shortly after Louis Tomlinson became a father to Freddie Reign. Liam joked in some of the interview clips that Louis had better behave maturely because he’s “a dad now.”

Louis [was] being the adult of the pair, leading the answers.

Louis Tomlinson hit back, saying that he is a cool dad.

“I’m daddy cool.”

(AP Photo/Charles Sykes)