Justin Bieber Earns Concern From Selena Gomez & Ellen DeGeneres: Here’s Why

Selena Gomez and Ellen DeGeneres are among those concerned about Justin Bieber. While Selena has earned a reputation as Justin’s off-again-on-again girlfriend, Ellen has become his friend through his many appearances on her talk show. Now, both are worried about his recent behavior, including his recent fist fight.

DeGeneres is vocal in defending her young pal, and she told ET Canada that when it comes to the singer, she is definitely a Belieber.

“I love him so much,” gushed Ellen. “He’s so talented, and he’s so famous.”

Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres hug.
Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres hug. [Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

But with that fame and talent come issues. DeGeneres links the pop star’s problems to the way that he soared to stardom. The fight outside a hotel in Cleveland last week continues to cause questions about what is causing his odd behavior.

“[Being famous is] a really tough situation to be in,” pointed out Ellen.

DeGeneres reflected on the “Sorry” singer’s age and how having fortune and fame at 22 may have contributed to his problems. The talk show host also expressed concern for the lack of guidance that he had as he rose to superstardom.

“Imagine having that much power, that much money, [and] that much fame when you’re that young,” noted Ellen. “He didn’t have a lot of guidance around him.”

Looking to the future, DeGeneres shared her wishes for Bieber.

“I hope that he goes away a little while just to kind of calm down, because I hate to see that people judge him for what’s happening,” added Ellen. “He’s too young. It’s not his fault.”

Justin Bieber finds a friend in Ellen DeGeneres.
Justin Bieber finds a friend in Ellen DeGeneres. [Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

DeGeneres is not the only celebrity concerned about the 22-year-old singer. Selena also is worried and wants to help him, an insider told Hollywood Life.

“She hates seeing him get in trouble all the time because she honestly feels she could have helped him and still could help him,” revealed the source.

However, Gomez has had problems in the past because Justin tends to be “stubborn,” according to the insider. But despite that trait, she still longs to be there for him and feels concerned.

“He is so stubborn, but she always feels that she should be there for him because in her mind they have such a strong connection,” clarified the insider. “She really just wants him to be healthy and happy.”

And with regard to Bieber’s recent brawl, the “Hands To Myself” singer is relieved he escaped without harm.

“She’s just thankful that’s he’s okay and it wasn’t anything more serious,” added the source.

In addition to Ellen and Selena, Justin’s inner circle is concerned about his recent behavior, reported ET.

And it’s not just the fist fight outside the hotel in Cleveland that is causing them to be worried. The brawl came after his Instagram rant, in which he stated that he feels “like a zoo animal.” The Biebs has criticized award shows, walked around barefoot, and also refused fan photos, all of which is causing those around him to become increasingly anxious.

“People around Justin are nervous about him and worry that he could have a breakdown,” a source told ET. “He feels like people forget that he is a human being and needs privacy. Him writing those social posts about the ‘no photos etc,’ that is him just being overwhelmed.”

Although some interpreted the “no photos” decree as being “snooty,” instead it was part of Bieber’s desire to normalize his life.

“It’s definitely reflective of what he is going through right now,” explained the insider. “During his time off, he has been trying to be as normal as possible and trying to be super low-key about everything.”

[Photo by Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images]

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