Chinese Karaoke Murder: Two Dead After Family Function Turns Violent

The celebration of China’s Valentine’s Day at a Chinese karaoke joint soon turned bloody after two men got into a heated argument, according to The Telegraph. When two gentlemen decided that their nephew had been hogging the microphone for way too long, family dysfunction manifested itself in a very ugly, very tragic manner.

Although the night started out peacefully enough, things quickly soured when it became apparent that Mr. Yun, the owner of a local noodle shop, wasn’t going to do anything about his four-year-old son. The child had been rocking the mic for a large portion of the evening, and the two uncles had grown particularly tired of the kid’s musical stylings.

The Independent reports that an argument quickly ensued, and, before long, a shoving match between Yun and the uncles had commenced. At some point during the argument, Yun’s nephew returned to the noodle shop and fetched a meat clever.

According to authorities, the nephew soon began hacking away at his uncles with the weapon. Each uncle received over ten individual wounds, injuries that would ultimately claim their lives. Police have since arrested Yun’s nephew for the murders.

Believe it or not, the combination of karaoke and grisly violence is quite prevalent, particularly in the Philippines. The “My Way” killings, for example, have gripped the country over the last decade. Although the exact number of deaths attributes to Frank Sinatra’s tune is presently unknown, at least half a dozen people have been killed over arguments stemming from their rendition of the popular song.

Fights over a person’s performance, often referred to as “karaoke rage,” isn’t isolated to the Philippines. In 2008, a Malaysian man reportedly hogged the microphone for so long that he was eventually stabbed to death by other would-be singers in attendance. In Thailand, a man allegedly shot eight of his neighbors after an argument over John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”