Proof Of UFO Base On Moon: NASA Whistleblower’s Apollo Mission Image Shows Alien Base On Lunar Surface, According To Alien Hunters [Video]

There was excitement among members of the online UFO community earlier in the week following claims that an old Apollo mission image from a NASA whistleblower’s private collection that contains definitive proof of alien bases on the Moon had surfaced.

The Apollo image was allegedly from the private collection of Ken Johnston, a former avionics technician, who had worked with principal contractors to NASA during the Apollo program. While working with NASA on the Apollo program, he came into possession of photographs snapped by Apollo astronauts in space and on the Moon.

According to the UFO and alien hunters Mars Moon Space TV, in a video uploaded to YouTube on June 5, 2016, Johnston, who is well known in the UFO conspiracy theory community as a “NASA whistleblower,” recently released a cache of old Apollo program photos from his private collection.

Mars Moon Space TV’s Thomas Jensen explains that one of the images from Johnston’s collection shows “What looks like a base on the moon with visible lights and structures.”

When the conspiracy theorist Richard Hoagland first saw Johnston’s collection of old Apollo mission images in 1995, he claimed that the photos prove that NASA’s image technicians had been editing original copies to remove evidence of alien artifacts and bases on the lunar surface.

According to Hoagland, scans of Johnston’s collection of photos from the Apollo program show structures on the lunar surface not present in NASA’s scans of the same photos.

But some skeptics argued that the “structures” on Hoagland’s scan were due likely to the “horrible condition of his scanner glass.”

Regardless, when Johnston revealed that he had actually been ordered to destroy the photos but decided to keep them, conspiracy theorists claimed he was ordered to destroy the photos because NASA did not want the world to see the evidence of alien life on the lunar surface contained in the photos.

Johnston’s Apollo mission photo that allegedly contains proof of alien bases on Mars was also featured on the YouTube channel of UFO hunters Secureteam10.

The black and white photo shows an Apollo spacecraft over the lunar surface. Zooming in on a spot on the left side of the photo reveals what appears to be a formation of bright spots or lights on the lunar surface. The lights are arranged in a manner suggestive of intelligent design or artificial construct, according to conspiracy theorists.

UFO and alien hunters have debated what the apparently artificial light structures could be and a consensus has emerged that they could be the lights of an alien base on the lunar surface.

But some conspiracy theorists suggested they could be satellite-dish-looking structures that have been spotted previously on the lunar surface in other Apollo images.

Secureteam10’s Tyler Glockner declared that the light formation was “smoking gun” evidence of alien presence on the Moon and that they could be an array of satellite dishes or similar equipment with reflective surfaces set up by intelligent extraterrestrial beings that beat NASA to the Moon.

Conspiracy theorists claim that the image, and several others that have surfaced since the Apollo program ended, prove the theory that the Apollo astronauts met aliens already on the Moon and found extensive structures of alien origin there.

The Inquisitr reported last week that conspiracy theorists say that hostile aliens escorted the Apollo 17 crew off the lunar surface and warned them not to return.

Apollo 17 astronaut
Hostile aliens escorted the Apollo 17 crew off the Moon and told NASA not to return [Image via NASA/Wikimedia/Public Domain]
UFO hunters also say that NASA whistleblowers, such as Dr. Eric Norton, allegedly a former NASA consultant, have attested to claims that on the far side of the Moon are multiple alien UFO bases and massive extraterrestrial crafts parked on the lunar surface.

But the government, according to conspiracy theorists, is covering up the information.

The latest “smoking gun” evidence of an alien base on the lunar surface comes after UFO blogger Scott Waring claimed in April to have obtained “100 percent” evidence that NASA dropped a nuclear bomb on the lunar surface on October 9, 2009, as part of a last ditch effort to destroy an alien base on the Moon considered to be a national security threat.

The rumor that NASA “nuked” an alien base on the lunar surface first emerged in 2012. The rumor died after its premise was ridiculed by skeptics. But Waring claimed last April that he had found evidence that was strong enough to silence skeptics once and for all

He claimed that while reviewing a recording of live footage showing NASA scientists at the Ames Research Center during the alleged nuking, he saw two NASA employees whose faces could be matched readily with faces in a famous photo that first surfaced online in March 2012. The photo purportedly showed two young NASA scientists reviewing a photo of the Cabeus crater just before the alleged bombing took place (click here to read details of the story).

Close-up shots of the photo being reviewed by the NASA scientists showed an artificial structure in the Cabeus crater that the nuclear bomb was meant to hit, conspiracy theorists claimed.

However, some conspiracy theorists have pointed out that NASA did not need to use a nuclear device to destroy the base. The agency merely converted a spacecraft into a kinetic-energy missile that destroyed the offending alien base.

But skeptics have dismissed conspiracy theories about NASA “nuking” or bombarding the Moon with a kinetic weapon to destroy an alien base. According to skeptics, the NASA mission that conspiracy theorists mistook for a Moon bombing mission was in fact the 2009 LCROSS mission in which NASA crashed a spacecraft on the lunar surface.

The purpose was to test for water in the Cabeus crater located in the lunar south pole, according to skeptics.

But UFO hunters responded, saying that the official statement of the purpose of the LCROSS mission served only as a cover for the real secret purpose.

[Image via NASA/Wikimedia/Public Domain]

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