‘NASA Dropped Nuclear Bomb On Alien Moon Base On October 9, 2009’: UFO Blogger Claims ‘Smoking Gun’ Evidence [Video]

A UFO hunter claims to have obtained new “smoking gun” evidence that NASA dropped a nuclear bomb on an alien Moon base on October 9, 2009. According to UFO blogger Scott Waring, he has stumbled on “100 percent” proof of conspiracy theory rumors that on October 9, 2009, NASA “nuked” an alien Moon base deemed a national security threat.

Rumors that the U.S. government secretly launched a nuclear strike to destroy a threatening Moon base have been around in the online UFO community since 2012. But skeptics have dismissed evidence presented by UFO conspiracy theorists as bogus and fanciful.

Now Waring claims to have obtained “100 percent” proof that will convince even the most dyed-in-the-wool skeptic.

According to Waring, he had watched the live internet transmission of the alleged Moon bombing on October 9, 2009, but had not realized the significance of the event at the time. But years later, while reviewing live video footage showing NASA employees at the Ames Research Center during the alleged “nuking” of the alien lunar base, he realized suddenly that the footage contains evidence that a nuclear bombing of the lunar surface actually took place on October 9, 2009.


Waring wrote in a recent blog post.

“Up till now, NASA dropping the nuke on a moon base to destroy the alien base found was always theory. Today I have proved that its 100% fact.”

“I mean, I watched the moon bombing on live internet NASA cam with my junior high students live about 7-9 p.m. Taiwan time…that would be about 3-5 a.m. in California time, but at the time I missed it,” he added.

Waring claims he was able to match the faces of two NASA employees in the live video footage with faces in a famous photo that first surfaced online in March 2012, allegedly showing two young NASA scientists reviewing a photo of the Cabeus crater hours before the alleged nuclear bombing by NASA.

According to UFO hunters, the photo that the NASA scientists were reviewing shows an artificial structure in the Cabeus crater and proves that NASA’s “bombing” of the crater during the LCROSS mission on October 9, 2009, had actually targeted alien structures on the lunar surface.

Claims that NASA “nuked” the Moon to destroy an alien base on the lunar surface first emerged in March 2012, when some UFO hunters claimed that a top-secret photo that a NASA employee with the Ames Research Center left in front of him on his desk during the LCROSS mission showed alien lunar bases in the Cabeus crater. A reporter allegedly noticed the photo in front of the NASA scientist and snapped a photograph.

Although the alleged photograph first surfaced online in 2012, alien hunters claimed it was taken in 2009 and that it shows two NASA scientists looking at photos of alien bases located in the Cabeus crater hours before the “bombing.”

The NASA mission that Waring and UFO conspiracy theorists claim was launched to drop a nuclear bomb on the Moon to destroy alien bases in the Cabeus crater was actually the 2009 LCROSS mission during which NASA spacecraft “bombed” the surface of the Moon — as media reports termed it — by crashing into it. The kinetic energy released by the high-velocity impact of NASA’s craft on the lunar surface generated an explosion.

NASA claimed at the time that the purpose of the project was to confirm the presence or absence of water in the Cabeus crater at the Moon’s South Pole. But after a photo emerged online in 2012 allegedly showing NASA scientists reviewing a photo claimed to show an artificial structure on the Moon, UFO conspiracy theorists announced that the LCROSS mission was actually a secret mission to destroy an alien base on the Moon by dropping a small nuclear bomb over it.


According to Waring and fellow UFO hunters, the photo snapped by the unnamed reporter shows two NASA scientists — allegedly Anthony Colaprete and Karen Gundy-Burlet — reviewing photos on October 9, 2009, before the “bombing” of the Cabeus crater.

Skeptics dismissed claims that the photo was snapped on October 9, 2009, pointing out that it first emerged online in March 2012. But now UFO blogger Waring claims to have found “smoking gun” evidence that the photo was snapped on October 9, 2009. According to Waring, he has been able to match the faces of the NASA scientists in the photo with the faces in the live video footage allegedly showing the NASA scientists at Ames Research Center during the “bombing” on October 9, 2009.

“Now that’s a huge cat left out of NASA’s bag. [This is] the smoking gun evidence that NASA knows about the presence of extraterrestrial bases on the Moon.”

Waring claims at 3:59-4:04 in the recording of the live video (see first YouTube above) the two scientists can be seen scratching their heads with puzzled expressions after the bombing in October, 2009. He claims they were puzzled because the nuclear explosion failed to destroy the targeted alien Moon base building.

According to Waring, the aliens occupying the building used advanced technology to shield their base from the nuclear attack.

“The explosion didn’t destroy the building at all nor did it create a upraised cloud of dust,” Waring writes, “as if the base had a shield around it stopping the blast from harming it.”

Waring then goes on to suggest a motive for the bombing.

According to Waring, the U.S. government tried to destroy the base only because the Chinese and Russians had spotted it on satellite and the U.S. was afraid that both countries could come into possession of advanced alien technology. But he also claims the alleged alien base was being occupied by the technologically-advanced aliens, and that the aliens designed the base to withstand a nuclear attack.

Artist's illustration of the LCROss mission
An artist’s impression of the LCROSS impactor and its ‘shepheding’ craft zeroing in for impact on the Cabeus crater on October 9, 2009 [Image via NASA/Wikimedia/Public Domain]
“The base… and I’m saying this for every country in the world to know that they may be able to claim it… is in the crater Cabeus,” Waring writes. “America gave the order to destroy it because it was seen by Chinese and Russian satellites… This base is occupied… not abandoned. It protected itself from the nuke and the world needs to know that America would rather destroy it, than let it fall into the hands of Russia or China.”

Waring promised to tweet the new information to the Secretary General of the U.N. dozens of time to ensure that he notices.

“Even if he doesn’t see it, one of the generals of the UN does follow me and has tweeted to me once,” the UFO blogger writes proudly, “so he will at least see it.”

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