Are Early ‘Suicide Squad’ Audience Reactions Split Down The Middle?

Since Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice didn’t bring in $1 billion like Warner Brothers had hoped, all eyes are on the Suicide Squad to hold down the DC fort. The trailers have garnered massive buzz as the Suicide Squad marketing campaign seems to be a hit with movie audiences.

There have been secret screenings of the Suicide Squad all over California in the last two months, and fans have been vocal with their opinions of the film. For example, Screenrant reports that last month the first test screenings for the film took place, and those in attendance took to social media to discuss what they thought. For the most part, their reactions are positive.

According to, some fans are claiming they attended a recent screening of Suicide Squad this month in Sacramento, California. This time around, the opinions of the film vary. A stark contrast from the responses at the screening last month.

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Reddit user Soyodu gives fans a play-by-play of what happened at the screening and his reaction to seeing Suicide Squad.

“This was an advanced screening where we didn’t know what the movie was. Initially, I thought it was Star Trek, the new Jason Bourne movie until the NDA said Warner Brothers on it. I will tell you there was NO standing ovation, but a decent amount of people clapped in the end. At the end, probably only half clapped…which doesn’t mean the other half didn’t like it, but if this was like a Thursday night showing with fanboys, I have no doubt it would have been a much bigger applause.”

It’s assumed Warner Brothers went the secret route with Suicide Squad to get an unbiased opinion from the audience. A theater flooded with DC comic book fans may have produced an overwhelmingly positive result. Which isn’t bad, but the general public needs to like the Suicide Squad as well.

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Soyodu also adds that the version the audience saw is not the finally cut. Presumably, the reshoots that were reportedly taking place earlier this year haven’t been edited into the final version. After the film ended, Soyodu gave his overall impression of the movie and what other viewers may have thought of it.

“Maybe a 7.5. Keep in mind I’m not one of those people who rate all movies 9’s and 10, this is an unfinished cut. There was lots that I really liked, good action, pacing (for the most part). But as I’ve said there were 2 characters who had a decent sized role in the plot/story that did not connect with me. I could care less about them. They tried for an emotional scene and yea…didn’t work. But yes, walking out, I’ve heard a few people raving about it, and a few just good/pretty good. The person I was sitting next to came with his family and he didn’t even know the movie after they announced it (older guy) and he said it was ok. I didn’t stick around to hear if anyone had anything bad to say.”

A rating of 7.5 out of 10 is fairly high. All films have flaws, so getting above a six out of 10 is very hard these days. The tweets from that screening weren’t very specific as to the details of the film, or what they liked versus what they didn’t like. It’s easy to imagine any details would be giving too much away. However, fans seemed in general agreement that Suicide Squad is an enjoyable film.

For now, everyone should remain optimistic about the Suicide Squad movie. Social media reactions are fine, but only you can determine how you feel about a film once you’ve seen it. The time will come soon for the film as it will be released in the U.S. on August 5, 2016.

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