Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Announced

Square Enix kicked off PAX Prime with a bit of a bombshell Friday night when it announced that Final Fantasy XIII protagonist Lightning will be returning in an all-new game called ‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.’

As I’m sure you’re able to divine from the game’s title, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII revolves around the story of Lightning, who was largely absent in Final Fantasy XIII-2, which instead focused on Lightning’s sister. In a video posted this morning, producer Yoshinori Kitase explains that the game will wrap up Lightning storyline, and Final Fantasy XIII‘s story with it.

The theme of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is exploration. The game takes place in an island chain of roughly four islands, with monorails allowing Lightning to travel between them. Again, exploration is the theme–there are many NPCs for Lightning to interact with, and many areas to explore.

Customization will also play a big part in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, according to a report from Andriasang. Lightning will have many costumes–well over 20, apparently–and she’ll be able to equip a variety of weapons as well.

Square Enix hasn’t gone into too much detail on how the game will play, but Andriasang’s report goes on to say that the developers have “button response” in mind, suggesting that Lightnnig Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will have more of an action game feel than previous titles.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at some point in 2013. You can check out a message from Kitase below (sadly, no gameplay).