June 9, 2016
Roseanna Marie Kiser: North Carolina Woman Allegedly Pours Vodka Into Child's Eyes For Splashing Her At Resort Pool

A North Carolina resident is accused of pouring vodka directly into a 7-year-old child's eyes because the woman was upset with the boy for splashing water near her, the Smoking Gun is reporting.

Roseanna Marie Kiser, 33, was hanging out at the pool at the Clearwater, Florida, tony Sheraton Sand Key Resort on Monday, apparently quite liquored-up and drinking vodka directly from the bottle.

Meanwhile, a group of children were playing nearby and, as children playing in a pool are wont to do, were splashing water. One of those children, an unnamed 7-year-old boy, splashed water too close for Ms. Kiser's comfort, and she became irate, according to the criminal complaint.
"The defendant became angry at one of the children, [redacted], age seven, because he was splashing water near her, so the defendant opened her bottle of vodka and poured some directly into the eyes and face of the seven-year-old child."
You may think that pouring vodka into the eyes of a child -- especially someone else's child -- is a bit much. Well, this story gets worse.
"The defendant then battered the child again by grabbing him around the chest and pushing him further away from her into the water in the pool."
For the record, getting alcohol into one's eyes will sting like -- well, a word that won't be printed in this post -- but unless it's there for hours, isn't likely to cause permanent damage. The Mayo Clinic recommends a simple eye wash if you get a chemical, such as alcohol, in your eyes.

Vodka child's eyes
For most types of chemicals that you could get in your eyes, simply flushing the eyes with water should do the trick. [Image via Shutterstock/systemedic]Ms. Kiser's legal problems didn't end at the pool, however. After retreating to her hotel room, resort staff called the cops and tried to kick her out. Once the police showed up, however, Kiser wasn't interested in complying. Instead, she fought with the officers, kicking and punching them in the head, neck, and chest, and "repeatedly" kicked at least one cop in the groin.

This is not the first time a person has assaulted a stranger's child over a perceived slight. In fact, just this week in London, Ontario, Canada, a man assaulted a preteen girl at a London city park, according to the London Free Press. Police say the victim was riding her bike when she accidentally crashed into another young child. An adult man then came and physically assaulted the preteen before taking the other girl by the hand and walking away. The victim sustained minor injuries.

Similarly, in Aberdeen, Scotland, a neighborhood dispute seems to have played a role in a young child getting verbally and physically assaulted in 2015, according to the Aberdeen Press and Journal. Kelly Smith, for reasons that aren't clear, apparently had an ongoing dislike of an unnamed local schoolboy, and had been known to call him "Pepper the Poof." Things got even further out of hand when the young boy gave Smith a look she didn't approve, so she began assaulting him to the point that the boy's father had to put himself between the two.

In general, it's probably not a good idea to get involved with the child directly if you have a beef with someone else's child, says Yahoo News Australia. Instead, if someone else's child is disturbing you, putting himself or others in danger, or otherwise misbehaving and you have a problem with it, take it up with the child's parents.

Ms. Kiser, who poured vodka into a child's eyes, has been charged with felony child abuse and felony assault on a police officer.

[Image via Clearwater Police Department]