June 9, 2016
Kylie Jenner-Blac Chyna War Is Back On -- Chyna Mocks Kylie Again

The Kylie Jenner-Blac Chyna war is finally back on, with Blac Chyna mocking Kylie Jenner by posting an exact same picture as Kylie. Kylie Jenner had posted a picture of herself on Instagram with a filter that made her face look like a child. And Blac Chyna couldn't wait to post the exact same picture on her Instagram account. And fans were quick to recognize the similarity. "Kylie posted her photo on snap with this filter," said one. She captioned the picture: "Basically????". Not sure what she meant by the caption, but Blac Chyna has once again proven that she is not going to stop mocking Kylie Jenner.

The Inquisitr earlier reported that the rivalry between Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner had been brewing ever since Kylie Jenner started dating Tyga, Blac Chyna's ex and the father of their son. However, things got really messy when Blac Chyna started to date Rob Kardashian, Kylie's half-brother. Since then, things have never been great between the two. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star and Blac Chyna feud not only because of their personal relationship, but because they also have a professional rivalry going on.The two can often be seen posting pictures and videos of their cosmetic lines. While Kylie Jenner is at the helm of a very successful cosmetic business called Kylie Cosmetics, Blac Chyna owns the Lashed brand of cosmetics and a chain of salons. Although the two are doing pretty well, they keep trying to outdo each other time and again. Blac Chyna had also mocked Kylie Jenner's lip challenge.

The Inquisitr had quoted Hollywood Life as saying that Blac Chyna mocks Kylie Jenner because Blac thinks "anything Kylie can do, she can do ten times better!"

And why does Blac Chyna like to duplicate her? "Blac loves duplicating Kylie's looks because she always rocks it better and has the last laugh. It's Blac's cunning way of making Kylie continue to reinvent herself because Blac knows she's not comfortable in her own skin and body."Recently, Kylie put a video of her warehouse full of Kylie Lips Kits and some time after that, Blac Chyna also made an announcement that she was going to launch new Lashed lip colors. In spite of so much proof of the rivalry between the two, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna have insisted that they were never rivals, the Daily Mail reported. The two had even posted a picture on Instagram saying "when we've been best friends the whole time." On another instance, Blac Chyna posted a picture of the both of them captioned "hanging out with my lil sis." Do you think there is any real rivalry between Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner, or is it just the media's making?It's true that Blac Chyna might have tried to exploit Kylie Jenner's insecurity about her body. Kylie Jenner, after all, has always been very upfront when it comes to her plastic surgery confessions. Ellepreviously reported that Kylie Jenner got her lips done because she did not like how they looked.

"I did it strictly for me," she said. "When I got my lips done, I literally told no one! I didn't tell my best friend or even the guy I liked at the time. I really thought it was no one's business. My mom was super-against it, but I begged her and begged her and she finally let me do it. After I did them, I thought it was so obvious that I didn't have to say anything. I never denied it because I always told my publicist 'no lip questions,' so no one ever asked me. I never said I got them done, but I never denied it either. But people thought I was such a liar!"

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[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]