Remote Control Lawnmower. It’s Like A Roomba That Can Kill You

If you combined an ATV with with a lawnmower you’d have the Remote Control lawnmower, a device that can keep you out of the heat ravages of summer, while navigating almost any terrain your yard has to offer.

The lawnmower is capable of of climbing 70 degree slopes and it’s eco friendly, featuring a hybrid power system that uses up to 40% less fuel that your typical driving mower.

The controls are thankfully simple to navigate,with an included joystick that runs the RC mower. Unfortunately while you may save cash on the actual gas for the mower, the device pictured in this post will run you upwards of $11,000, though a more consumer friendly version is available for $2,000. [thanks SlipperyBrick]

I’m just waiting for this thing to go all AI and chase someone through their yard like a killer Roomba.