'Demon Gaze 2' To Release On Playstation Vita In Japan In Fall 2016 -- Sequel Promises Bigger Story And New Characters

If there is one entertainment gaming system that caters to the hardcore Japanese role-playing game niche, it is easily the Sony Playstation Vita. Since its release back in 2011 in Japan and 2012 in both North America and Europe, the Vita has accumulated a high number of JRPG titles. This includes Soul Sacrifice Delta, an updated version of the original game that incorporated Grimm's Fairy Tales, Tales of Hearts, and an array of Vanillaware games including Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Dragon's Crown, and recently, Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir.

One such popular JRPG title on the Playstation Vita is Demon Gaze (trailer below). Released back in 2013 for Japan and 2014 for both North America and Europe, Demon Gaze was a dungeon crawl game in which players controlled Oz, a young man that possessed the power of a magic eye capable of sealing demons. The game is divided into two parts: dungeon crawling and visual novel. In the former, Oz and his team would fight monsters in classic turn-based gameplay while traversing a "dungeon" level. In he latter, Oz can build relationships with non-playable characters and spend money on gear and power-ups for a better advantage during the dungeon crawling part of the game.

At this moment, Demon Gaze holds an about a 70 percent average in review scores. Apparently, these scores along with a confirmed global shipment figure of 200,000 copies warranted a sequel. Now, Demon Gaze 2 is set to release in Japan this coming Fall 2016. The game also promises a bigger story and even more characters than its predecessor.

Demon Gaze 2 was officially announced recently by both Kadokawa Games and Experience in which they confirmed the Fall 2016 release window, as reported by Siliconera. According to this week's Japanese video game magazines, details of the upcoming sequel were provided including a vast expansion of the story in relation to the first game. It is set in a city-state surrounded by an ocean called Asteria, in which it started as a small town but grew rapidly after a bar and inn called Stella's became extremely popular advancing the town's development.

There will be three new characters in Demon Gaze 2 as well. The first is Signa who will replace Oz as the "New Demon Gazer." He has a mysterious power called the "Evil Eye." Muset is Stella's manager and Signa's childhood friend. She is also a young leader of the revolutionaries. Finally, Prim the Songstress is, well, a songstress who works at Stella's. She is also Muset's younger sister. Confirmed returning characters from the first game include Prometh and Cassel.

Though the aforementioned information is welcome among those who anticipate Demon Gaze 2, most want to know what the upcoming sequel looks like. Thanks to Famitsu, we now know it looks a lot like its predecessor. Screen captures show that details from the first game, like the first-person combat, beautiful anime character portraits, and event stills, are still included, as reported by Dual Shockers. The Treasure Hunting Circle and auto-pilot from Demon Gaze are also confirmed to be in the sequel too.

Demon Gaze 2, Kadokawa Games
A series of screenshots released on "Famitsu" show the similarities between "Demon Gaze 2" to is predecessor. The first-person combat will still be utilized in the sequel. [Image via Kadokawa Games and Experience Promotions of "Demon Gaze 2" via Famitsu]
Demon Gaze 2, Kadokawa Games
In another promotional screenshot, it shows that "Demon Gaze 2" will also incorporate event stills from the first game. [Image via Kadokawa Games and Experience Promotions of "Demon Gaze 2" via Famitsu]At this moment, there is no official word if Demon Gaze 2 will find its transcontinental way across oceans to North America or Europe. If there is an international release, it will most likely happen sometime in 2017 after English text is put in place of the Japanese. Until then, one can discern more information at the official Japanese website for Demon Gaze 2.

[Image via Screen Capture of Demon Gaze Game Cover]