Tila Tequila’s Latest Cowboy Boot Racist Rant Gets Texas Sized Backlash

No one has ever accused Tila Tequila of being the most sane person in the room, but the former reality star’s latest social media stunt made have just backfired in epic fashion.

The former porn star posted a photo of herself in high heeled boots Tuesday afternoon on Facebook, and the caption has fans across Texas calling her out as a racist who doesn’t know what cowboy boots are.

“Ain’t nuthin better than riding around Texas in my cowboy boots to hunt down these damn illegals! #SendThemBack.”

The Texas sized backlash was quick to hit Tila where it hurt the most: her fan base. The post drew more than 50,000 reactions with 30,000 comments, many from fans who withdrew their support from miss Tila Tequila, like Facebook user Josh Rodriguez.

“As a Texas native I must inform you that those are no way in hell cowboy boots ma’am.”

Internet denizens took to Facebook and Twitter to condemn Tequila’s cowboy boots and point out not so gently that she herself was an immigrant. Born as Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen in Singapore, Tila moved to America where she was raised in Houston as a child before rising to fame as a social media star on MySpace, where she boasted 1.5 million followers.

Facebook users were quick to point out that Tila must be confused because she named herself after the famous Mexican alcoholic beverage: Tequila.

“Come down to El Paso and try and hunt a Mexican! They’ll make boots out of you!”

Tila’s cowboy boot photo also drew an open letter posted on Latina, where author Jada Gomez encouraged Internet denizens to stand up and voice their disgust with Tequila’s latest rant.

“With our nation’s rough history of racism, we’ve learned that ignorance ignored, usually just leads to more ignorance.”

It’s not clear if Tila actually believes any of the crazy things she been posting to Twitter and Facebook this year or if she’s just using these crazy social media outbursts to remain relevant.

Tequila was in the news last month with her latest insane Twitter rant aimed at Jennifer Lopez, and it now appears the former adult film star has turned her attention to undocumented immigrants for some reason.

“I don’t really see anything great about JLo. She’s just a Mexican with money.”

That is of course after Tila’s Hitler comments and photos of herself in a Nazi uniform got the former reality star kicked out of the Celebrity Big Brother house and scorned as a D list celebrity.

Earlier this year, Tila Tequila’s insane flat earth Twitter rant made headlines as the former porn star told the world she had died in 2012 and was replaced with a clone of herself who had god-like powers and was descended from space aliens.

Miss Tequila even managed to get her fans to crowdfund her a new apartment complete with furniture after she complained about the high price of her old home and expensive moving costs.

Then, in what was questionably the most important political development of the 2016 presidential campaign, Tila endorsed Donald Trump. That may be why she was able to channel the real estate billionaire during Wednesday morning’s Twitter rant.

“Well yes. I am the #NWOQueen duh! Who do you think is controlling Trump via mind control? :D”

Or perhaps Tila’s just jumping on the Trump Train and following up on the presumptive Republican nominee’s racist comments about a Mexican-American judge who is overseeing the Trump University case.

Tequila haters weren’t the only ones to take to social media after her cowboy boot comments. Others questioned the former reality star’s health and asked after the well being of her child.

They’re not alone. Earlier this year, Tila’s baby daddy made headlines when he claimed Tequila wasn’t mentally stable enough to raise the couple’s child. Thomas Whitaker sued for full custody of the child, arguing Tila had delusions of grandeur and was an unfit guardian.

What do you think about Tila Tequila latest cowboy boot photo?

[Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images]