Tila Tequila In Custody Battle, Baby Daddy Claims She’s Not Mentally Stable

Tila Tequila, the former reality star who made headlines with her flat Earth Twitter rant, is in a custody battle with her baby’s daddy, who claims she’s not mentally stable enough to raise their daughter.

Thomas Whitaker is suing for full legal custody of the couple’s 14-month-old daughter, Isabella, saying Tila has delusions of grandeur, including believing that she’s God, reports TMZ.

The couple currently has no legal custody arrangement, but Thomas is fighting for the right to make all legal decisions for his daughter. The struggling musician, rapper, and producer also wants Tia to be sober for 24 hours before caring for their child.

He’s asking the court for child support and permission to change Isabella’s last name from Nguyen, Tila’s legal last name, to Whitaker; he also wants the judge to order Tila to stop badmouthing him.

Whitaker says this is the first step toward receiving full legal custody of his and Tila’s daughter, as he says Isabella would be safer with him.

Tila Tequila hasn’t responded publicly to the custody battle, but Sunday she did comment on Twitter.

Hey guys did you hear? I am an unfit Mother because I am God. This means I have to pay an invisible entity money for his non-existence. Lol.

Isabella was born Nov. 16, 2014 and at the time Tila hadn’t identified the father of her child to the public, according to AceShowBiz.

I am so in love with her, She’s so perfect and beautiful.

Whitaker isn’t the only person to have questioned Tila’s sanity lately. After Tequila’s bizarre rants on Twitter and Instagram, several social media users began to question her mental competence; when she created a GoFundMe account, other people questioned her parental abilities.

Earlier this month, Tila Tequilla went on social media claiming the Earth was flat and the moon had been placed in the sky by aliens. Then she claimed to have died in 2012 and been replaced by a robot clone of herself. She also said she was God.

Trust you In-TUITION! It never fails you! Oh, and I am. The messiah. I only took Tila’s clone body.

Tila started a GoFundMe account raise money for a new apartment and furniture, but it was taken down because it violated the site’s rules.

I have been defeated by the Government and their bio-weapon attacks against me for the past few years ever since I got assassinated, and killed in 2012 then was replaced with a clone!

Her next GoFundMe account was more serious and so far 136 people have donated $6,180 in the last 21 days.

HEY GUYS! I can’t believe you all have helped me raise $6,000 at the current moment for Isabella and myself! I am TRULY so humbled by this experience I just want to cry!

Tila began life as Tila Nguyen and went on to become a magazine/nude model before rebranding herself as Tila Tequila and making it big on MySpace. She went on to host her own MTV show, A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila, where 16 men and women competed for her affection.

She was thrown out the Celebrity Big Brother house after producers discovered photos of Tila wearing a Nazi uniform cap.

She also posted pictures of baby Isabella dressed up as Hitler with slicked back hair and a mustache shortly after she was forced to apologize for her comments about Nazism, according to Hollywood Life.

Gasps!!! Isabella!!!!! What in the holy??? One day when you grow up, you’re going to have to apologize for this picture, young lady!!!

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