Chris Brown Slams Kevin McCall On Twitter, Fans Lash Out At ‘Naked’ Singer For Dragging Rihanna Into Feud

Chris Brown and Kevin McCall are no strangers to calling one another out on social media, but it looks like the duo is facing some backlash from fans after McCall reportedly dragged Brown’s former girlfriend, Rihanna, into the midst of their latest heated argument on Tuesday.

Brown and McCall reignited their longstanding feud on June 7 after the “Naked” singer took to Twitter to threaten Chris Brown for reportedly making comments about McCall’s “baby mama,” Eva Marcille, and their 2-year-old daughter, Marley.

“@chrisbrown aye mention my baby mama or kid again & your next show in L.A gonna be like a Trump rally! u said f*** my grandma remember? Wait,” Kevin McCall began in his Twitter rant, Vibe reports.

McCall continued, “@chrisbrown u better hope I don’t run into you bro and I don’t pay no security guards BUT im get that fair head up set up…u asked for it.”

In response to McCall’s threats, Chris Brown took to Instagram to share a series of lengthy comments aiming to diss McCall’s music career in addition to posting three videos in which he refers to Kevin as a “Count Chocula-lookin’ face-a**” and claims that he’ll make McCall “sing backup” for his daughter, Royalty, the Shade Room reports.

“ALL THIS FLEXING IS FOR ATTENTION. HE HAS MY ADDRESS AND HAS BEEN GIVEN A PERSONAL INVITE TO MY HOUSE NUMEROUS TIMES FOR THE FADE. He WACK and has NO HANDS…Y’all giving ole buddy too much credit!” Chris Brown explained in one Instagram post as captured by Baller Alert.

In another Instagram post, Brown lashes out at McCall for calling him a “woman beater” before alleging that Kevin has his own history of committing physical violence, writing, “Check his record. Everyone knows the bulls*** I did. THIS N**** HAS RAPE CHARGES, CLAIMS IM A WOMAN BEATER BUT BEAT UP HIS SISTER ( SHE CAME TO MY DAUGHTERS PARTY with EVAS CHILD).”

In response to Chris Brown’s heated accusations, Kevin McCall returned to Twitter to write, “True or False???! Im no woman beater or coward rapist YOU DEFINITELY did this! Truth will set you RI—–,” before posting two photos of Rihanna’s bruised face as a result of Chris Brown’s assault on the songstress in 2009.

“I’ve been accused of things BUT EVIDENCE don’t lie COWARD lol why u think thier [sic] brothers turned down MY fades. LAME,” McCall continued before sharing yet another photo of Rihanna’s face.

It didn’t take long for fans to begin lashing out at Kevin McCall as a result of his decision to drag Rihanna into his ongoing spat with Brown, prompting a series of heated tweets from angered fans such as “wow that’s shallow,” “delete this right now,” and “you’re taking this too far.”

One fan writes, “yo, this is an all time low of pettiness. He said you know where he lives. Just show up to his crib & settle it like men,” while another adds, “this is mean yo….Rih have nothing to do with y’all beef..Why make her relive a horrible night…Y’all gotta grow up smh.”

This isn’t the first time that Chris and Kevin have battled it out on social media. The duo’s previous fight occurred back in March after McCall accused Brown of not handling “business” when it came to disputes over the singer’s musical career, prompting Brown to respond with a series of scathing posts on Instagram.

What do you think of Kevin McCall and Chris Brown’s latest Twitter feud?

[Photos by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images; Noel Vasquez/Getty Images]