Google Play Store Update Brings Recommended Apps Engine

The Google Play Store app market received an update on Friday morning, delivering recommend suggestions for apps, movies, music, and magazines based on what a user has already downloaded to their Android based devices.

Over the last several weeks, the Google Play store recommendation feature has shown up on some devices only to be removed a short time later. Today the company appears to have finally rolled out the program for users throughout the United States.

Known as the “Recommended for You” feature, the program can be found right below the stores main images on loaded pages for its various downloadable products.

The new recommendation list, which shows up when a user clicks on the header image, also shows which apps friends have +1’d and which software is popular in the users geographic area.

If a certain app doesn’t interest a user, they have the option to hide that app from showing up in future recommendations.

Google Play has come under fire in recent months because finding new apps had become a headache. The search functionality of the store managed to potentially drive away potential buyers and developers who found iOS to feature a more capable app management system. Google also had application update problems in which an entirely new version of each application needed to be downloaded. Google recently changed to delta updates, which now requires updates to only the parts of an application that have in some way been changed.

Are you excited to try out the Google Play recommendations engine and delta updates?