June 9, 2016
'Bachelorette' Spoilers: 'Reality Steve' Wrong About JoJo Fletcher's Final Rose Choice?

Bachelorette spoilers from Reality Steve ruin the popular dating show each year for thousands of fans whether they want to read them or not. Many fans do choose to read Reality Steve's Bachelorette spoilers because they simply cannot wait to find out who gets the final rose at the end of the season. Other fans get the show ruined for them because people post what they've read on social media.

JoJo Fletcher's season, of course, is no different.

However, while Reality Steve has been right nearly every single season, his early reports for this season's final few episodes were incorrect!

[Warning: Bachelorette spoilers ahead]

JoJo Fletcher had a pretty tough week on television, with a two-night, four-hour extravaganza that really was the Chad Johnson show. This season's villain seemed more dangerous than previous "bad guys," and several of the other guys in the house were threatened by him. Chad actually told some of the guys -- like Jordan -- that he'd find them after the show.

Although an early favorite based on looks alone, JoJo sent Chad home after a two-on-one date with Alex. During the date, JoJo was informed about Chad's earlier exchanged words with Jordan, and it left her with no choice -- she had to send Chad home.

Bachelorette spoilers
Chad [Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]"If I could have seen what happened that morning with Chad and the guys, maybe that would have changed my thinking going into the date. So hard to know. I do know that behind all the anger in Chad, there is probably a decent person. Chad's been through so much in the past year. And that's why I broke down the way I did. Because I knew what he'd been through. But it still doesn't excuse his behavior. You can't threaten people, no matter what you've been through. I don't want that in a friend, and I definitely don't want that in a husband," JoJo wrote in her blog for People Magazine.

Now, onto Bachelorette spoilers for the final rose from Reality Steve. If you've read Steve's posts, you probably believe (like everyone else) that JoJo Fletcher chooses Jordan as her final pick. Although the two don't seem to have the strongest connection right now, their relationship will develop over the next couple of weeks and fans of the show will get to see that happen.

Early spoilers revealed that Luke, Jordan, and Robby would head to the Fantasy Suite with JoJo this season. However, Reality Steve was recently forced to admit that he was wrong when he confirmed that JoJo sent Luke home after the hometown dates. Steve has since confirmed that it's Chase who makes it to the overnights but that he's sent home after spending the night with JoJo.

If Reality Steve's Bachelorette spoilers are correct, Jordan and Robby will be the final two men standing. While Steve may have been wrong about Luke, he still says that it's Jordan who gets down on one knee.

Bachelorette spoilers
Jordan [Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]It's hard not to believe that these spoilers are legit, as Reality Steve even posted pictures of JoJo with her final two guys which were taken by various people and posted on social media. There's always a chance that Steve is wrong, but he has a great track record so far.

Do you think that these Bachelorette spoilers are correct? Will JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers last? Do you think that JoJo and Jordan make a good couple, or is too early to tell just yet? Sound off in the comments below.

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]