Charlie Sheen Could Have Avoided Brooke Mueller Drama If He’d Taken Donald Trump’s Advice, Still Owed Millions From ‘Anger Management’

Charlie Sheen has been quite busy designing a collection of personalized emojis, according to People magazine. The 50-year-old actor joins an already huge pool of celebrities who have been involved in the personalized emoji app world.

In partnership with MDEL Mobile, Charlie Sheen designed over 100 unique Sheen icons and stickers as well as “Charlieisms,” calling them Sheenoji. As stated by the Sheenoji app’s description, the collection of emojis allows users to share their “inner Charlie” with the world.

“Bring your tiger’s blood to a boil! Release your inner man’s man. Fire a torpedo of truth into the technosphere. And above all, be POSITIVELY NEGATIVE!”

It seems like working on Sheenojis is a way for Charlie Sheen to get distracted from his current legal battle with his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, who claims the Two and a Half Men actor owes her $89,000 for child support. In April, the mother of Sheen’s two sons, Max and Bob, took to a Los Angeles court to continue the legal battle against her ex.

According to court documents filed by Mueller, Charlie Sheen is expected to pay her $55,000 per month to support the former couple’s twins.

His ex-wife also claimed that Sheen paid only $21,000 in total for March and April, which means he is still due to pay over $89,000. But it’s not like Charlie Sheen is cooperating with his ex-wife, as the Anger Management star filed court documents in March, asking the judge to reduce the child support payment.

It seems as if Charlie Sheen could have avoided this whole situation with Brooke Mueller if they had taken Donald Trump’s advice. According to Mother Jones, Moira Fiore, Brooke Mueller’s mother, reported that in 2007 Trump sat down with herself, Mueller, and Charlie Sheen at his Mar-a-Lago resort, and told Fiore the next morning that she shouldn’t “let” her daughter marry Charlie Sheen.

“The following morning, Donald told me how impressed he was with Brooke and how smart and beautiful she was. He did tell me not to let her marry Charlie.”

It appears that Charlie Sheen hasn’t gotten a single payment from his seemingly lucrative syndication deal for Anger Management, according to TMZ. In fact, the 50-year-old actor even believes the network is trying to trick him.

Sources close to Charlie Sheen and his deal with FX claim that the actor hasn’t been paid a cent after the reruns of the show have been sold in syndication. Sheen, who owns about 30 percent of Anger Management, made 100 episodes of the show before production was halted.

And while Charlie Sheen himself feels like he sees reruns of Anger Management airing day and night all over TV, the actor is “p**sed” that he hasn’t received a single payment. And executives of the show have been giving all sorts of excuses to Sheen, saying the FX sitcom ran over budget, ran into unforeseen costs, and even that it hasn’t turned a profit yet.

Charlie Sheen believes he is due to be paid somewhere between $30 million and $40 million for the reruns alone. Some TV critics predict the total amount of the deal could get Sheen up to $200 million. That is, of course, if the execs start paying him.

In fact, if not paid, Charlie Sheen is poised to pursue legal action against the execs, and he has even scheduled a meeting with his lawyers to discuss his further steps.

And while Charlie Sheen appears to be in a feud with his ex-wife Brooke Mueller, he seems to be on friendly terms with his other ex-wife, Denise Richards, according to the Daily Mail. The Anger Management actor and his ex reunited recently to watch their 12-year-old daughter, Sam, ride horses in Malibu.

While Charlie Sheen was taking pictures of their daughter, Richards took her dog for a walk and watched Sam riding horses. According to rumors, Charlie Sheen is planning to move to Mexico. He even reportedly purchased a home in Baja California, Mexico.

In his exclusive comments to the Daily Mail, Charlie Sheen’s real estate agent, Scott Weier, said the actor purchased “a humble little three-bedroom house,” which has about 2,700 square feet and isn’t “too” expensive.

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