Who Won The New Jersey 2016 Presidential Primary? Hillary Clinton Looking For Big Win To Officially Clinch Nomination

Who won the 2016 New Jersey presidential primary?

Before Monday, it looked as if this would be the most important question to be answered on Tuesday’s final day of major voting (with just Washington, D.C., left to vote after today). Hillary Clinton had reached the edge of officially securing the Democratic Party’s nomination with a combination of pledged delegates from her primary and caucus wins plus superdelegates who have chosen her by a wide margin over Bernie Sanders, and a big win in the Garden State would make it official.

But instead, the Associated Press stole the thunder, reporting on Monday that enough superdelegates planned to endorse Clinton to put her over the top already. Both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns released statements opposing the early call of the race, and there are some fears that the report may suppress voting in the remaining states.

It has taken a bit of steam out of the New Jersey primary, but there will still be high interest to see if Clinton can secure enough delegates to cross the threshold officially.

The full results of New Jersey voting can be found below.

Aside from New Jersey, voting takes place Tuesday in Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, and California. If Clinton doesn’t receive enough pledged delegates in New Jersey, her performances in both New Mexico and California are expected to put her over the top.

Barring a major change from voters, Hillary Clinton is expected to win big in New Jersey as well. She performed well in neighboring states and those that fit the Garden State’s population demographics, and polls have shown Clinton with anywhere from a 10- to a nearly 30-point lead in recent weeks.


Those who want to follow live results from the New Jersey 2016 primary can find full coverage below.

The question of who won the 2016 New Jersey primary will not be the only interest on Tuesday, the New York Times noted. There is also considerable attention on just how Hillary Clinton will shift into general election mode, with her turn expected to start with her victory speech on Tuesday.

“In her speech Tuesday night, Mrs. Clinton will become the first woman to claim victory in a major party’s presidential nominating fight. She has intermittently emphasized the historic nature of her candidacy, and it may work to her benefit to stress that theme amid Mr. Trump’s continuing struggles with female voters.

“But Mrs. Clinton also has a broader choice to make, about how to position herself in one of the highest-profile moments of her campaign: Will she move to calm Sanders supporters and consolidate support on the left, or reach out to moderates and Republicans who may be wary of Mr. Trump? Will she go after Mr. Trump in hard language, or focus on sketching a positive rationale for her own election? Her choices Tuesday night could set the shape of the race between now and the conventions in July.”

The days after the New Jersey and California primaries could bring more general election support for Hillary Clinton. Reports have indicated that both Barack Obama and Joe Biden are anxious to officially endorse Clinton and start campaigning against Donald Trump. The White House has already been in touch with Clinton on just how and when the endorsement will take place, the New York Times reported.

Obama reportedly sees the election of a Democratic candidate as key to cementing his legacy and said he will taking campaigning very seriously.

“I want us to run scared the whole time,” Obama told donors in Miami this week.

Those who want to find out who won the 2016 New Jersey primary can find full results here.

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