Virgin Airlines Will Send ‘Best Customer’ Into Space

Sick and tired of your frequent flyer miles serving up nothing but black out dates and low mileage trips? Maybe it’s time to change over to Virgin Airlines where your constant trips could earn you a chance to fly into space. The company has announced plans to send their best customer into space.

The person who racks up the most miles between now and August 7, 2013 will be given one free ticket into suborbital space aboard a Virgin Galactic flight.

The trip into space is a reward for being the airline’s best customer, which means the winner still gets to keep their other free tips and seat upgrades that they would normally receive for being a regular customer.

The second place customer won’t make it directly into space, but they will win a zero-gravity flight, which is still pretty cool.

After years of testing and the construction of its first launch facility, Virgin Galactic has said it should be ready for space tourism flights by 2013.

Winning the prize means the chance to take part in a very expensive experiment. Virgin Galactic will charge $200,000 per flight. While that price might seem high, the company continues to receive pre-orders on a regular basis.

The Virgin Galactic’s first customers will include Stephen Hawking, Ashton Kutcher, and company founder Richard Branson.

It’s going to be really hard to watch those Alec Baldwin “double points” commercials now that I know there is a company offering honest to goodness trips into space as part of their rewards program.